Shower Centre Waste or Shower Grate: Which is Better?

Shower Centre Waste or Shower Grate: Which is Better?

Are you planning on renovating your bathroom anytime soon? Aside from designs and floor area, you should also consider the drain you plan to use as it will have an impact on other aspects of your renovation project.

The Trusted Shower Centre Waste

The average Australian must have been used to seeing a shower centre waste whenever they bow their head down while taking a shower. Due to its low cost and ease of installation, this is the drain type that is used in most residences. However, this solution is designed to trap debris at its cover, providing you with an unsightly display of hair and soap scum that may make you feel less clean than before you took a shower. This drain is also designed to be installed in the centre of the shower area, which requires the floor to be sloped in all corners. You will therefore be limited to using smaller tiles. The centre waste needs a curb as well to prevent water from getting outside of the shower area. It may be an accident hazard and limiting for persons with disabilities. 


The Aesthetic Shower Grate

The rectangular, long, and narrow drains of linear shower grates are designed to drain water more quickly. Hotels and other commercial establishments have adopted this style to provide their guests with a more luxurious experience. Homeowners want a piece of that splendour in their space and have slowly switched to shower grates. This style of drain just requires one slope direction, allowing you to use the same tiles (regardless of size) throughout the bathroom. The grates can be tiled in or exposed at the homeowner's discretion. Additionally, there is versatility in the installation, including wall-to-wall, barrier-free, and threshold options. The shower gate is a fantastic solution if you want an open area since shower curbs are already optional. However, this coveted look comes with a hefty price tag. You cannot entrust this to any plumber as specialized labour is needed for its installation. Regular maintenance is also needed to ensure that the grates will not get clogged and work efficiently. Additional work may be required depending on where you want to install the grates.



What Should You Choose?

If you are working on a tight budget, the shower centre waste would be a practical choice since it’s cheaper and will not require specialized labour. If you are renovating with the aim of increasing your property value or making it your forever home, the shower grate would be a better option. Did we also mention that we offer lower prices for floor wastes and linear grates? We don’t have showrooms and overhead costs that will cause higher markups. We can work with your chosen contractor and offer the best deal for you. We look forward to being part of your renovation soon!