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Should You "Renovate To Sell" or "Renovate To Rent"?

As we all know, renovating is regarded as Australians' second love affair. And though we decrease cost of our renovations by being a smart renovator and buying most of our fixtures online from stores like, further increasing profit after renovation still comes to be a confusion for when we renovate to profit.

Renovation Queen Cherie Barber gives us a few tips in her video. Click the image below to view it.


At times when you're considering whether you should renovate to rent or renovate to sell, it puts you on the spot. Consider this one factor:

How much equity do you have behind you?

Buy Renovate Sell

For novice renovators who are just starting out on the property ladder and don't have much equity behind you, the "Buy, Renovate, and Sell" strategy is best.

Buy a non renovated property that only needs cosmetic renovation (if you've never renovated before). Get into a quick cosmetic renovation and then quickly get it into the market for sale.

Buy Renovate Rent

This is the most lucrative strategy because you have no capital gains tax that you'd have to pay and no marketing cost. Most investors are actually getting more lucrative returns with this strategy.

Not only does this strategy create instant lump sum equity right up front of the renovation, but also buillds long term capital growth.

So whether your renovating to sell or renovating to rent, keep these points in mind to make sure you actually renovate for profit. Remember, renovating doesn't have to be costly and confusing. Simply make guided decisions and have your priorities intact.

Happy Renovating

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