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How to reduce your bathroom reno costs

Has your bathroom gotten into a ghastly state? We're talking ugly and dirty tiles, a toilet from the 80's, and mouldy bathroom taps? Renovating the bathroom is a task many people find themselves wanting to complete, but can be turned off by the cost of doing so. Renovating your bathroom can prove to be a costly exercise, with many people blowing their budget a few flashy products in. Luckily, we have a few tips that'll help you keep a lid on your bathroom reno.

bathroom reno

Assess and budget

Before jumping right into your bathroom overhaul, assess your space and what needs to be done. If you're sticking to a tight budget, try to look at the area critically. What needs to be done? There will be costly tasks that can't be avoided. But there will also be ways you can cut corners. Do you have existing products that can be re-packaged, such as be re-enamelled?  Once you've assessed what needs to be done, make a budget. Although you may have the best intentions to stick to it, be prepared to go over it.


bathroom reno

Shop around

Many people can find shopping for bathroom items overwhelming. Tugging your kids around on a weekend to showroom after showroom doesn't exactly sound like an idyllic thank goodness there's a solution! Shopping around for your new items online is the perfect solution to saving money, doing copious research around the market, and perfecting the kind of 'look' you are wanting. With Renovator Store, you can be sure you're getting high-quality, low cost and sharply designed products. With no showrooms, that means no tradition retail overheads that are going to be hiking up your items. Save money on your reno and go straight online for all your bathroom reno needs.


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Roll up your sleeves

Are you willing to get your hands dirty? If so, you're going to be able to save more money on your bathroom reno. It's most likely you're still going to need to hire a trade for your project, but there's definitely ways you can cut costs by doing things yourself. Pick up the paintbrush, and enlist the help of your friends or family! Waterproofing, electrics, and plumbing are best left to the professionals. Otherwise, you're likely to have a Reno that could be illegal, sub-standard, dangerous and non-insurable.


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Don't move too much around

Trying to be too ambitious will hike up that total. Try and keep your plumbing where it currently exists, otherwise you're going to be in for a hefty bill! Our advice is keep all the plumbing and electricity is, and simply upgrade your bathroom features, give it a nice paint job, and choose your fittings carefully!