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Quick and handy ways to a clean bathroom

Everyone knows that bathrooms require constant maintenance, but no one likes getting stuck in there for hours doing the hard work. Follow these simple, quick and easy tips for a clean bathroom will minimise the time you spend maintaining it! 

Keep things clean for a clean bathroom

clean bathroom tips Pinterest

Taking a few quick minutes to ensure all items are clear off your vanity and bathtub will prevent clutter building up. That means returning the hair stylers after they've been used, and hanging up that wet towel after you've used it!

Do you have a laundry basket? Get one!

bathroom cleaning tips Pinterest

A laundry basket in the bathroom will make sure dirty clothes and towels don't pile up and take over the whole space. There are plenty of storage options out there that are not only functional, but stylish and can even add to you bathroom.

Give that mirror a wipe

keep your bathroom mirror clean

A dirty mirror can bring your whole bathroom down. Take a quick second to wipe down your bathroom feature point, and it will add sparkle to the room! A microfibre cloth (preferably a flat weave one) and a mixture of water and vinegar will prevent streaky marks, and is super cost-effective and environmentally friendly.


Unblock your drains 

how to keep drains clearPour some bi-carb soda down your drains and let it settle, then use a plunger to unblock any drains that seem to accumulate a lot of hair.


Ditch the soap bar

soap dispenser for a clean bathroom
Go for a pump or hands-free soap dispenser instead to ensure your countertop stays cleaner.


Install towel racks

heated towel rail Pinterest

A sturdy towel-rack will minimise mess, and make sure your towels dry faster.

Be prepared

upgrade your bathroom with a mirror Pinterest

Keep a packet of disinfectant wipes under the bathroom sink. This way, whenever you get a spill or mark in your kitchen, you can quickly swipe it away.

Do you have any handy hints you'd like to pass onto our readers for keeping a clean bathroom? Share them in the comment section below.

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