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Pros and Cons of Renovating

If you're thinking of renovating your home, making a list of pros and cons is a good place to start. We've done the work for you! The know-how behind renovating your dream home can be the most confusing and intimidating part of home ownership.

This list of pros and cons will help you make the right decision!

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Fun and Rewarding

Among the many perks of remodeling your house, you definitely can’t place a price on the sense of fulfillment once you see the finished product. A renovation gives you the chance to roll up your sleeves and get into some good old DIY. And when your remodeling project is done, you and your family will feel great (together!) about the accomplishment and the makeover of your home.

Plus, everyone will be happy when you've made your living areas more spacious and looking more contemporary.

Architect desk interior designer workplace

Increased Property Value

With the right changes, you could add considerable value to a bargain property buy. Remodeling can turn your old home into a modern beauty that you’ll really want to show off.



Remodeling the garage to a small backyard is a perfect option if you’re planning kids. You can add an extra storey as your children grow. It can also increase your morale and make your family happier.


Remodeling is being opted for by a lot of budget-conscious families. It’s certainly more affordable than purchasing a new house and it creates a fresh new atmosphere in your home. With clever planning and budgeting, you can move out and rent while the project takes place. Not to mention being your own project manager will save money and help achieve a perfect-fit renovation.


When you expand or change something inside your home, you definitely have to get the entire family involved. Let everyone have their say about their vision for the planned renovation. Removing a wall to open up a cramped space, for example, or repainting the hallways wall with chalkboard paint to accommodate the toddlers doodles. No matter how small and simple it seems it takes thoughtful planning and consultation to prevent unwarranted arguments every now and then.


You'd also have to consider that renovating costs can spiral out of control. If the renovation takes longer than expected, rent costs will have a negative impact on budget.

The Frustrated Designer

Aside from your vision being quickly thwarted if the property is in a heritage-listed zone, overshadowing and other council restrictions could actually mean your dream extension is much smaller than you imagined.

Racing Against Time

Project management requires a lot of discipline. You’ll be sourcing items at the best price and will need to juggle the right tradies at the right time. This means if the schedule of your preferred tradie does not fit yours, then you're going to have to reschedule the renovation project or go through another grueling search for a new contractor.

So before you jump in and start hammering nails to walls and doors, think again! Make sure you've thought and planned everything precisely for the sake of your own time, effort, and money.