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Planning a Walk in Pantry

The kitchen floor plan plays a major role in a home renovation however so often, the pantry space is overlooked. If you’re renovating a small house or apartment, a pull-out pantry is a sleek alternative to a walk in pantry and provides ample storage opportunity for a couple or small family. In a family home however, a pull-out pantry may be too small. A walk-in pantry provides stacks of space for food storage as well as a second space for food preparation and kitchen appliances. But how do you design the perfect walk-in pantry?

Maximise Space

Within a pantry, you will most likely have 3 walls and a door. The design and placement of your door will greatly effect your pantry space. If possible, avoid a door that opens inwards as it will block out one wall and will make the space feel smaller. A sliding door is a great solution if you have the room.

Think about the space you have above your door as well. Even though you may not be able to reach it, install a few shelves at ceiling height to store largely awkward platters and recipe books that you only use once a year. Even if you need to pull out a step ladder, you’ll always find something to fill the space and won't regret having it!


Wall Space

If you’re door must open inwards, then don’t completely right-off the wall behind. You may not have space for shelving and food storage but perhaps some hooks to hang your aprons, utensils and even paper towels. ELITE Storage have a great range of wall storage solutions. Why not hang your family calendar up there or paint a section of wall in chalk-board paint and use this to scribble your shopping list and dinner ideas.



Elite Butler- Kitchen Wall Storage - Triple Roll Dispenser


Shelves? Drawers?

Some people believe that floor-to-ceiling shelves will solve all their problem but its worth spending a little bit of time thinking about exactly what you want to store in your pantry and how it fill fit. 20 shelves measuring 200mm deep by 200mm in height will definitely store your winter supply of bakes beans and canned beetroot however how will your oil and sauce bottles fit on the shelf? Where will the bulky boxes of cereal be stored and how about your collection of one thousand spices? It will be a little more expensive to choose custom designed shelving however it will improve you space and storage opportunity by 10-fold. A few large boxy shelves down the bottom will be super handy to fill with bulky appliances, large cookware or even the bucket of dog food.

pantry-walk-in-cupboard-food-storage pantry-walk-in-cupboard-kitchen-food-storage pantry-walk-in-cupboard-kitchen-food-storage


As a break between an entire wall of shelves, install a counter top at hip height. This can be used to store bottles and jars as well as all the clutter that you want to keep off your main kitchen bench such as kitchen scales and your fruit bowl. Bench space within the pantry is also very handy for dumping shopping bags whilst unpacking and storing a breadbox, toaster, kettle, coffee machine or even a microwave.

butler-pantry-bench-space-divide-storage-kitchen butler-pantry-bench-space-divide-storage-kitchen butler-pantry-bench-space-divide-storage-kitchen


Pantries can become small, dark and pokey places very quickly if they do not have sufficient lighting. A skylight or window provides a wonderfully fresh source of natural light although is not always possible. Instead, think about installing some natural white LED downlights. LED downlights last for 25 years without needing to be changed. Consider putting them on a sensor for when somebody enters the pantry or when the door is opened.

pantry-lighting-natural-light pantry-lighting-LED-downlight-kitchen pantry-lighting-LED-downlight-kitchen

Even if you don’t think you have room for a walk-in pantry, you’d be surprised at how much space a cupboard provides… This couple gutted their hallway cupboard which stored miscellaneous linen and appliances and added floor to ceiling shelving plus some counter tops and look at the pantry they created! The best part is that food can be prepared and mess be made all behind closed doors.


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