Patio Roofing Options – What Should You Choose?

patio with roof, wooden floor and brick wall

Building or adding a patio to your home can be a great way to take advantage of summer weather and relax in your own alfresco area.

Patios can be simple and affordable to construct, but what are the best options for your home?

Whether you’re thinking of a sleek, modern look or a clear, protective skylight, here are some design and material choices to consider.


The design of your patio can make a big difference to the ambience of your outdoor area. Popular patio roofing designs include:


A gable design has a long, peaked roof, similar to that of a house. This design lets rain flow easily off and to the sides. A gable patio can be attached and extend out from your home, matching your home’s roofing and giving a consistent style.


Flat patios are an affordable option to create an outdoor alfresco area. This design is simpler to build and install but is still able to cover a large area. They are a great way to provide shade and shelter for your home.


Skillion roofs are similar to a flat roof design, except that they are angled upwards on one side. This makes them the perfect choice for providing shade at key times in the day. Rainwater also isn’t a problem for the skillion and can be easily directed off.


The panels of a pyramid roof come together into a triangle shaped point. This design works best for square shaped patios and gives your outdoor area a spacious, airy feeling. Pyramid patios also often use a mix of clear and opaque panels to let in light.


Dome roofs are increasing in popularity, due to their stylish design. Dome patios offer the same utility as other roofing options but add a sleek and modern style which can be the perfect complement for your home or garden.

patio with roof, wood flooring, fireplace, rattan furniture


Choosing the right material for your patio roofing can ensure adequate protection. Popular options for patio materials include:

Colorbond steel

Colorbond steel is a durable, high-quality building material. Products in the Colorbond range are part of a 22-colour set, which means patios built from this material can complement Colorbond home roofing. It provides excellent protection from the sun and typically has an extensive warranty.


Polycarbonate is a lightweight and durable roofing material which is made from high-grade, reinforced plastic. Polycarbonate roofing can be transparent, opaque or a mix of the two. This allows homeowners to choose the best design to let natural light in.

Certain brands of polycarbonate roofing are made specifically for warmer climates and are highly rated for their resistance to the sun and overall UV protection.


Insulated patio roofing is a combination of roofing materials such as steel and polycarbonate, which is then insulated, usually with high-quality polystyrene. Insulated roofing can keep your outdoor area at a lower temperature and can be added without any additional construction.


Sunglaze roofing material is similar to polycarbonate but is completely clear. While it can resemble glass, it’s lightweight, strong and offers increased UV protection. Using Sunglaze will make your outdoor area feel light and open, while still giving you protection from sun and rain.

Which is Best?

The best type of patio for your home will depend on your location and circumstances. When dealing with hotter climates, insulation and sun protection become more important. Quality of materials and construction are also factors to consider.

Choosing between an attached or detached patio roof can change the overall cost and length of time required for construction. While detached patios require a separate structure to be built, patios which are attached and extend from the home can be a more affordable option.

The overall design and style of your patio should ideally complement your house and outdoor area. With many different designs and colours available, why not take advantage of clever construction to control temperature and sunlight regardless of the season.

No matter which materials you choose, a well- designed and constructed patio can provide a useful alfresco area year-round.


Author’s Bio:

This article was written by Daniel Defendi, who recommends Great Aussie Patios. You can catch Daniel on LinkedIn to discuss this piece.