How Partitions Create More Space

room partitions

Whether your home is too “open-plan” or you want to create some separate spaces and privacy between rooms, a partition is your perfect solution! Partitions can be as simple as a bi-fold screen or as lavish as a floor to ceiling vertical garden! Depending on the position and function of your partition, get creative with the wall you want to create.

Solid Room Dividers

Installing a floor to ceiling wall will create maximum separation and division. It will also provide you with ample hanging space on both sides to display art, hang a TV or even erect floating shelves.

Sometimes it is difficult to install a floor to ceiling solid wall but you can get the same effect with a solid wooden or plaster panel that attaches by 4 sturdy brackets at the base and top. This option is far less aggressive on the wallet and will make installation and removal a whole lot easier.

fireplace-solid-wall-partition-divider-home-interior-design fireplace-solid-wall-partition-divider-home-interior-design
hanging-space-frames-wall-solid-wall-partition-divider-home-interior-design solid-wall-partition-divider-home-interior-design

Greenery Screen Dividers

Plants function as a fantastic opaque divider for when you still want to create a separation of space yet don’t want to create a complete cut-off. Plants however need regular upkeep, watering and trimming so be wise when choosing your type of plant. An easier option of incorporating greenery into your wall divider without constant upkeep is to install a hanging basket or pot display that contains smaller plants or succulents that grow slowly and require less maintenance. A vertical garden containing herbs and small veggies could be the perfect and most practical solution between your kitchen and lounge.

vertical-kitchen-garden-design-interior-partition plants-vertical-garden-pots-partition-divider-interior-design

If you are after a low yet distinctive partition, consider putting tall pot plants behind a couch to divide a comfy, relaxing space from a dining or office area. Even though the area is open at eye level, a distinct separation still remains, creating space sub-atmospheres.


Shelving Room Partition

Using an open bookshelf is a fantastically practical use of space. Depending on how you fill the shelves will measure the amount of privacy provided. Open bookshelves can even be inexpensive DIY projects however if you want to display a wide range of heavy and expensive items, it is best to leave the construction to the professionals. Choose one with uniform squares, symmetrical shelves or a random abstract design.


open-shelving-partition-divide-interior-design open-shelving-partition-divide-interior-design

Timber Slat Room Divider

Wooden slats have always been a popular choice for a room divider. Depending on the gap between slats, privacy can range from almost non-existent to complete privacy. Wooden slat dividers can be made in rustic recycled wood, treated bamboo, stained wood grain or even inexpensive wooden slats from a hardware store that can be painted in whatever colour wanted.

wooden-slats-divider-partition wooden-slats-divider-partition
wooden-slats-divider-partition wooden-slats-divider-partition

Moving away from wood, plastic, metal and glass combine meticulously together or on their own to create designer dividers that serve as both functional and arty.

Metal Work Room Separator

Design and personalise your partition to whatever pattern you choose with the investment of laser-cut metalwork. Screens of any size and design can be made to suit your interior design. Even outside, laser-cut metal screens can divide up your courtyard or block out your neighbours.

metal-laser-cut-divider-partition metal-laser-cut-divider-partition metal-laser-cut-divider-partition

Glass Room Partition

Glass partitions are making a huge breakthrough in the interior design market. With the constant rise in open-plan living desire, walls are getting knocked down and being replaced with glass windows between walls. Although not open, the glass partition creates the illusion of wide, accessible space, making the area feel so much bigger whilst still maintaining boundaries. The use of glass partitions does not promote privacy however so be wise with where you choose to use it.

glass-partition-divider-opaque-seperation glass-partition-divider-opaque-seperation glass-partition-divider-opaque-seperation

Curtains as Room Dividers

Hanging curtains or wide-set posts will not maintain privacy and division between space but the suggestion of separation may be all that is needed.

curtain-material-partition-divider curtain-material-partition-divider

In small spaces, rooms themselves can act as partitions. Check out the kitchen below, casually separating the lounge from the dining.


DIY Room Divider

Partitions are a great way to divide space and create privacy in your home. If you have a wide-open space that could be divided in two, consider using all sorts of materials such as ropes, shelving and even plants!

Divider-partition-DIY-doors-lattice-rope Divider-partition-DIY-doors-lattice-rope Divider-partition-DIY-doors-lattice-rope

Divider-partition-DIY-doors-lattice-rope Divider-partition-DIY-doors-lattice-rope