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Outdoor Fixtures, More than just Aesthetic Value.

Renovating is the 2nd love affair of Australians. In most cases, renovating gets channeled mostly on the kitchen and bathroom. Though nothing about this fact is wrong, we may want to remember that in renovation, 1st impressions lasts. The outdoor details of the Australian home is mostly the least maintained and kept.

If you think changing your old house numbers and letter boxes is not something that would matter, think again.  Aside from the obvious curb appeal they provide, there's more to updating these details than just aesthetic value.

Safety and Security

In cases of emergencies, such as a fire, a difference in minutes can mean the difference between life and death.  Fire fighters always have a detailed map of their designated area(s) to help improve their arrival time. However, house numbers are a crucial reference. The more camouflaged and hard to find the numbers are, the longer it will take emergency personnel to arrive at the scene.


Letter boxes can also positively impact safety.  When a letter box is installed at the door of the house or gate of the bungalow the delivery man has to just drop the letter in the letter box rather than come to your door.  A thief who wants to get in your house cannot pretend to be a delivery man and ring the bell because he knows that he has to drop the parcel or letter in the letter box.


Keys are our access to our houses, though more often than not, most of us still keep keys under a plant or the welcome mat. Unfortunately, thieves are not as dumb as they used to be and are aware of this common odd gestures that we think they wouldn't suspect. Having a key storage facility not only outsmarts these unwanted guests but also warns them that your house wouldn't be the smartest pick for their next unannounced guesting.

Privacy and Convenience

The importance of a letter box is usually underestimated and is usually thought of least importance.  With a lockable letter box installed, there is no need for the entire household to rush out to collect the letter. The letter can be collected from the letter box at one's own convenience.  Moreover, you do not want anyone having access to your private mail throughout the day before you get to collect it - if it is deposited in a locked letter box then only your key can open it!

So you see, updating your outdoor fixtures isn't only aesthetically required. And now that you're aware of it's value, be aware that you could still accomplish these updates without breaking your budget. Online stores like believe that high quality products can be available to both high end and budget homeowners alike. Renovator Store provides prime quality outdoor and indoor fixtures at a fraction of what physical stores would charge.

After all, no matter where we are financially, all smart renovators have families to protect, lives to live, and eyes that appreciate!

Happy Renovating!

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