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Now you see, Now you dont!

Of all the storage and cleaning fixtures developed and focused on, the humble waste bin is often the least appreciated and most underrated item in every household.

Waste bins reminds us about stinky, smelly, and unsightly rubbish. What we fail to realise is that without them, were would all the rubbish go?

For most homeowners, an unsightly waste

bin seems a menace to your homes aesthetic appeal. However, it is a known fact that, we can't do away with a waste bin in most rooms that we spend most of our daily activities in. Thus, we have concealed waste bins.



For a cleaner and more sanitary kitchen, laundry or bath, a slide out waste bin stored in a lower cabinet nicely blends in with the decor yet still provides the functional benefits of a trash disposal unit.

The benefits of concealed waste bins go far than just aesthetic appeal. Imagine cooking or even washing the dishes while holding your breath to avoid the scent of wet rubbish mixed with vegetable peels and last nights leftover casserole.


Aside from concealing the tacky appearance of kitchen rubbish, concealed waste bins are cleverly designed with closed lids to minimise air flow to stop odours from escaping thus, reducing unwanted odours from filling you home.

Clean up is a breeze with a removable hi-impact plastic bins that you can pull out for emptying when it gets full.


Even more, teach your kids the value of cleaning as they go, most children leave rubbish lying around since they are too lazy to go to the waste bin and are deterred by the fact of the smelly stinky area they have to go to, just to throw their rubbish. Concealed waste bins come with removable hi-impact plastic bins that you could easily pull out for cleaning. This innovative design prevents not only a stinky waste bin area but also prevents microbes from building up due to dried on rubbish and spills.

boyatschoolA twin bin concealed waste bin is ideal for recycling and sorting rubbish. Sorting Wet from Dry or Organic from Inorganic rubbish as you throw, not only helps save mother earth but also teach your kids to sort out trash. This helps increase awareness as well as fosters responsibility.

Waste bins when concealed are a great tool to prevent scattered rubbish from lying around.

Concealed waste bins helps you have the benefits of a waste bin without actually having to see the bin at all times. Now you see it, Now you don't.



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