Must Read: Kitchen Storage Solutions

Finding sufficient kitchen storage solutions can make all the difference to a chaotic, crowded and meal producing family hub. But where can you store that 10-ft platter that is only ever used on Christmas Day and what about your ever growing mountain of potatoes and onions? After gaining some insight from Jenna's Kitchen Storage Blog on OOHM, we realised that a practical and functional kitchen might not be so difficult nor expensive to create! Click here to read it now!

ELITE-butler-wall-storageOpen Storage

Open storage is your best friend when it comes to making the most of small, tight kitchens! Table and bench space with shelving below is optimal for your heavy stacks of dinner plates and saucers. Floating shelving along your bare walls above eye level is perfect for creating an artistic backdrop of varying wine glasses or beer glasses. And what goes in between? Have you seen the wall storage range on Their ELITE Wall Storage Range includes wall-mounted spice racks, paper towel dispensers and utensils hooks to keep everything on hand when boiling the perfect stew.


kitchen-storage-floating-shelves kitchen-storage-floating-shelves

Drawer and Cupboard Storage Solutions

If you are more into clean, simple and a minimalist kitchen facades then hidden drawers and cupboards are the winning ticket. Kick board drawers are the newest best-kept secret in the kitchen storage department. Perfect for large platters and kitchen appliance manuals, kick board drawers will continue to amaze with their hidden storage potential. If your kitchen is newly built and you don't want to do too much re-arrangement then why not just shuffle around the internal fixtures of your drawers and cupboards. As Jenna suggested, using baskets in drawers to store fresh produce keeps things fresh, tidy and at arms reach. Install a pull-out cupboard organiser like the one below from Renovator Store and you will never know how you managed without it.







Reinvent your old furniture

This years most sought after kitchen interior trend incorporates everyday home furniture units as functional kitchen fittings. Gut your old free-standing wardrobe and fit it out with strong shelves that can display your precious crockery and glassware. Why not re-invent your old dresser and use it as your food preparation bench with spices and condiments stored within.

Kitchen-interior-furniture-recycle-wardrobe Kitchen-interior-furniture-recycle-wardrobe Kitchen-interior-furniture-recycle-wardrobe

With so many kitchen storage ideas that won't break the bank on Jenna's blog at OOHM and so many fantastic storage products available at the Renovator Store, there is no reason why your kitchen can't look great and function efficiently for years to come!