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How to Maximize Space in Your Home?

Whenever someone tries to argue that they simply don’t have enough space in their home, it is vital that they specify for what exactly. Sure, those who want to fit a piano inside of a 100 square feet room are bound to be left disappointed, but for those with a bit more realistic aspirations, there is always a way. With a bit of outside-of-the-box thinking, some restraint and few innovative storage ideas, you can do wonders even in the tiniest of homes. Let’s check out some of these solutions!

1.      Dual-Purpose Rooms

The first thing that comes to mind when speaking about maximizing space in your home is the notion of dual-purpose rooms. With more and more telecommuters in the world, a closet-office is becoming a popular solution in a lot of homes. Same goes with trying to fit a desk in the unused corner of the room. Finally, you can divide one major room into two smaller ones with the help of a curtain, or simply try to make areas in your open-room home with some rugs. The options are endless.

2.      Declutter

No matter how much space you have in your room, it won’t be enough unless you can learn how to constrain your hoarding habits. You can start by applying a three-years rule which claims that any item in your possession that hasn’t been used for more than three years gets to go. Family heirlooms and gifts are of course exempt from this rule. If you don’t feel like throwing them, you might want to donate, sell or even give them to a friend or a neighbor. Those who feel like they might use some of these in the future might want to look for some furniture storage solutions in the area.

3.      Slide-Out Furniture

Next great idea lies in the notion of slide-out furniture elements for your home. Some of the most popular choices here are the slide-out countertop, slide-out night table and a roll-out bed. In this way you get to use these items when you need them and after you are finished simply slide them back in. The best thing about this is that it makes a commute through your home much easier, not to mention that it significantly improves your effective use of your living space.

4.      Innovative Storage


When it comes to the use of space, even some of the larger houses tend to have a problem with storage. Luckily, this can be solved in several ways. First of all, you can consider installing above-head shelves in order to utilize the free space on your walls. Next, you can store some containers under the bed and in this way use another empty spot in your home. Finally, you can install some ceiling racks in order to make use of your ceiling as well. The problem with this last idea is a fact that a lot of people aren’t completely comfortable with it. Still, if installed properly, there is nothing to fear.

5. Puzzle Loft Bedroom

This final solution is reserved for those who have a disproportionally high ceiling in their tiny home. What they can do is try to fit their bedroom in this area, by engaging in a simple, yet extraordinary, construction effort. This way, you get a completely unique bedroom and much more space in your home.

In Conclusion

These several tips are a top of the iceberg of all the incredible room-saving ideas you might want to consider. Some honorable mentions are using built-in storage compartments, thinking vertically and of course playing with optical illusions. This last one is particularly popular, seeing how it doesn’t take much effort, yet it makes your home appear significantly larger than it actually is. In the end, the choice is all yours.

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