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Man Caves are a Must

Did you know that when a couple is looking to buy a home - the man is searching for that basement or garage for his Man Cave.  Here are some tips to complete your man cave.

If a man’s home is his castle, shouldn’t there be one room in it where he can "hold court" with his noble peers and watch the game? Or where he can retire for solitude to take care of some paperwork or indulge in some woodworking?

man cave 3Welcome to the concept of the "man cave". You can create the sanctuary of your dreams and enhance your home value at the same time by renovating your basement into the ultimate guy retreat.  Anecdotal evidence from real estate agents in Melbourne is that more and more men are putting the 'man cave' firmly on the criteria for a home purchase.  But it doesn't need to be a plush room - quite the opposite.  Unrenovated windowless basements, backyard sheds, attics, and cold back rooms are perfect.  The man is looking for a blank canvas to furnish with his dream private space.  As long as its got power, and is reasonably water-tight it will be a massive guy-magnet.



Here are the top 10 things you’ll need to turn your blank canvas into the ultimate "man cave":

1. Finish it. – First, put a finish on the walls and floor - some cheap timber cladding and some concrete paint can do the trick.  Consider sound proofing with extra insulation so you can turn up the music.

2. Get wired. – You have to have a TV – high def big screen preferred. And tunes, man, surround sound preferred. Getting wired can be as easy as connecting cable to your portable TV and strategically placing a boom box, or as grand as a wall-mounted, high-def, flat screen TV with surround sound.

3. Go wireless. – A laptop or desktop is a man-cave must for work and play. But you don’t want wires cluttering up your kingdom. If you haven’t already done so, install wireless connectivity on the primary computer in the house.

4. Get "guy" with the décor. – Nothing says "This space belongs to a guy" like sports décor. Frame and hang your old high school or university jersey.  Mount that signed cricket bat, 1990 Collingwood jumper, and autographed motorsport poster.  Put up a wallpaper mural of your favorite sport.  It is important to make the space completely unappealing to the opposite sex.

5. Drink up. – Watching the game? You’re going to need liquid refreshment. A wet bar is every guy’s dream, but you can also cool off effectively and economically with a small refrigerator or even a portable wine keeper.

6. Snack attack. – The guys are going to work up appetites playing poker and it could get ugly if you don’t have any snacks on hand. Be sure to include space for snack storage in your design, whether it’s a pantry or some cabinets.

7. Sit on it. – You’ll need the armchair of your dreams in order to be an armchair warrior. Make sure there's some comfy – and durable – seating for your buddies too.

8. Work it out. – Sometimes a guy just wants to work up a sweat. Portable treadmills and exercise bikes are better than ever and easy to store. Set aside a corner of your man room for the manliest activity of all – exercise.

9. Or work on it. – If you’re a doer rather than an observer, you’ll want a well-equipped workbench.

10. Sit on it, part II. – It wasn’t just Al Bundy’s dream. It’s the ultimate man room upgrade – your own private bath.










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