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Living Room Renovation Ideas and Tips

Since living rooms are one of the most important rooms around a home, they will often see the most attention and are likely to need the most work to look truly amazing. Renovation will take effort, but it will be well worth the effort. Living rooms need to match the style you are trying to create in your home - be it modern, casual, country or classic. You need to choose wisely and you most definitely need to consider comfort and a conducive layout in any design. This blog will give you some ideas you can use to create a living room you can enjoy in the long run.

Living Room Renovation Guidelines2


Assuming you really want to have a major colour dominating the room, you should do your best to make it work well. There are focal points where you can use the most dominant colour, but you should consider other accenting colours that will make it shine in the end. A balance of colours and design is what makes or breaks the look of a room, so you will need to stay away from monotonous looks if you want to make the room stand out. You will likely need to find a balance between aesthetics and practicality, so colours that are easy to clean and maintain may be a better idea. You should also do your best to look for carpets and other surfaces that allow easier furniture cleaning, upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning as well without any issues.

Living Room Renovation Guidelines


Lighting is a very important feature of any living room as it influences how we feel from day to night and from summer to winter. Lighting can create a totally new look and feel. It can be used to highlight furniture or artwork. One essential requirement with lighting is you need to be able to adjust the light to create different moods. Dimmable LEDs downlights are an economic alternative now to halogen lights and also offer lower energy usage, are safer, last longer and come in an array of colours to suit your home.

Pendants are also a fantastic feature in a living room adding colour and style. There are now DIY pendant lights that attach to your existing down-light fixture and do not requiring the services of an electrician to install.

Milano pendant


You can create patterns with the visuals of your new setup by letting certain elements complement the rest of the room, but that takes careful consideration. A set of contrasting colors is a great beginning, but in the long run you will need to approach the situation in a way that allows you to add more value to the room. Strategically placed pieces of furniture will help, but you may also consider the importance of adding more in terms of wall decorations as well.


Finally, work your way around and do your best to open up as much space as you can. A living room implies people will spend a lot of time inside, which means you will need to have a way to avoid clutter and allow for a freer and more pleasant time spent there. This will also allow the room to appear bigger than it already is, so it’s up to you and your choices to make that happen. Sometimes simpler designs bring a lot more to the table than other more cluttered alternatives. Whatever style you choose, keep in mind the practical side of cleaning would serve you well if you go for a more simple solution, as cleaning and maintenance will be significantly easier in the long run than they otherwise will.

Feng Shui Taboos for Living Room

Choose a single theme to stick to a more consistent look for the entire room, since mixing and matching will simply lessen the impact of the whole renovation attempt. The last thing you need to have on your hands is a mix of different styles that don’t really work all that well. Classic or contemporary doesn’t really matter, simply do your best to create a balance in style.

modern living room


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