Let the hibernation begin in your very own MAN CAVE

Man caves are an essential part of any successful relationship. Healthy for both the woman and man, man caves provide personal space where worries can be forgotten and freedom can be found. Whether it’s a converted garage or basement below ground level, make sure your next home enables you to create the man cave of your dreams.


Step 1:

Decide upon the manly features that you would like your mancave to exhibit and assign them each to their own zone within the space you have. Remember, a man cave needs to be kept fairly simple otherwise it will be too much for a man to handle.


Step 2:

Decide upon a theme. Choosing a theme for your man cave is a great idea as it will enable you to channel all your passions into the one room. If in doubt, your theme can always just be ‘MANLY’


Step 3:

Decide upon your mancave features. These may include some or all of the following:

TV viewing area/ Home cinema.

Most mancaves are in need a of big flat screen which can play all their live sports, action movies and playstation games. The sound system needs to be the loudest on the market and ensure you have speakers installed in every corner of the room. The TV itself will need to be at least 55” and if possible, mounted on the wall to avoid getting damaged during the AFL grand final when Collingwood receive yet another bull**** free kick.

man_cave_tv_room_lounge mancave_tv_2 mancave_tv_3 mancave_tv_4 mancave_tv_5 mancave_tv1


Seating options will be needed in multiple places around your man cave. In front of the TV, around the bar and if space provides, around the drinking game coffee table. Sectional sofas work fantastically as they can be moved around and changed shape to suit the activity at hand. Ensure that your couch is long enough to fall asleep comfortably on or perhaps invest in some lounge chair recliners.

If your man cave is primarily for TV and movie viewing, invest in some tiered seating options just like the cinemas so there is never an argument over TV viewing.

man_cave_chair_seating mancave_seating_1 mancave_seating_2 mancave_seating_3 mancave_seating_5


The flooring of your man cave will need to be durable and beer proof. Tiled or concrete flooring would be ideal although consider purchasing some comfy rugs to make your man cave super snugly during the winter months of hibernation.

man_cave_flooring_sport mancave_flooring_2 mancave_flooring_3 mancave_flooring_4

Or why not install glass flooring and park your ferrari underneath so it is always in view?


The bar

Perhaps the most prized zone of your man cave where the magic of each night begins. The bar is an area that will mature with creativity and experience. Your bar will need a fridge, sink, bin and stools. Make sure your bottle opener has a spot of its own and that you always have a decent liquor selection.

man_cave_bar_renovation man_cave_bar_2 man_cave_bar_3 man_cave_bar_5 mancave_10

Games area

The games area needs to include either a billiards, air hockey, foosball or a ping pong table. If not, a dart board at least! If games are really not your thing, think about having a card table that can constantly be set up with poker chips and cards.

man_cave_billiards_games man_cave_billiards_2 man_cave_billiards_3 man_cave_billiards_4 man_cave_billiards_5 man_cave_billiards_6 man_cave_billiards_7 man_cave_billiards_8

Left over space?

If your man cave is still not jam-packed then why not include some home gym equipment, a hot tub, sauna, bowling alley or collectables corner. A bathroom or toilet at least would be an all time luxury, making it possible to remain in hibernation for days on end!

Man_cave_sports_gym_sauna Jacuzzi and sauna in the basement mancave_11

 Step 4:

Invite your mates over and let the man caving begin!

Remember, man caves don't have to be filled with die hard sports memorabilia and beer galore. A man cave can just be small log cabin that provides you with some space to relax