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A Lady's Boudoir

What is a boudoir? It is a lady's private bedroom, sitting room or dressing room. Recently, the term boudoir has come to denote a style of furnishing for the bedroom that is ornate or busy according to Wikipedia. Using your own personality and with the help of a few design tips,  you can create your own personal and private boudoir that oozes sensuality mixed with dreamy comfort.



LAYER DIFFERENT TEXTURES Pile your bed high with cushions and  a variety of textures such as a crisp white cotton doona cover, a fur throw, and a touch of crushed velvet to add drama and luxury to the room.

boudoir-with-textures LIGHTING WITH DIMMER For a boudoir dripping with glamour, nothing is too over the top — Use a gorgeous chandelier, pendant light and recess lighting that can be adjusted between high and low on a dimmer switch because it is the lighting that sets the mood and creates ambience. Candles displayed in a candelabra or pretty candle holder are a lovely natural touch that add romance to any bedroom, providing you keep a careful eye on them.boudoir-with-chandelier

FURNISHINGS The boudoir should be gloriously indulgent, so add some furniture that exudes opulence, but within your personal taste. A popular feminine approach is adding hand-painted furniture reminiscent of the 18th century. Alternatively a more modern approach can be used, such as button tufted headboards, and elegant contemporary furnishings.




A gorgeous dreamy four poster bed is a very nice addition to any boudoir.


COLOUR Don't be afraid of injecting your favourite colour. Colour is the easiest and most effective way of instantly creating a mood for every room in your home, and your boudoir is no exception. You can use colour in your bedroom paint, furniture and/or textiles. A three colour combination is a good starting point, this is enough to create variation and visual interest.

boudoir-with-chaiseDRAPERY  is a great way to add glamour and personality to a room. Curtains need to have generous proportions. They should always be at least double the width of the window, even if they're going to be drawn most of the time. It's also vital that they be long enough. For a rich and elegant look they can puddle on the floor, and for a more streamlined and clean look they can skim the floor – but they should NEVER be any higher. When drapes are too short they look truncated. If you're getting store-bought panels (as opposed to having them custom made) it's better to buy them too long and then have them hemmed.

boudoir-accesories  boudoir-with-mirrorACCESSORISE Mirrors, perfume bottles and trinkets should be on display.  Tassels, feather boas, furs and lace are all ideal accessories appropriate for any beautiful boudoir, just keep the colours coordinated.