Kitchen Storage tips and tricks

Kitchen contents have a habit of multiplying by the day. If you don’t have an organised storage system for all your food, utensils and clutter then you are bound to waste hours hunting around for the items you need. Wouldn’t you prefer to just enjoy cooking and eating?

Kitchen glassware, cutlery and appliances can be ruined if not stored properly so invest a little time and money into appropriate storage designs and see your kitchenware last a lifetime.

Cupboard knife blocks

A kitchen knife set can be quite an expensive investment and if they’re being stored in a drawer with a thousand other utensils, they are bound to be ruined. If you don’t have the extra space on your bench for a knife block or would prefer for this bulky item not to be in sight, consider a horizontal knife block located in a shallow draw. Otherwise, make the most of a narrow cupboard beside your oven and install an ELITE pull-out organiser which has an in-built knife block!

in-draw-horizontal-knife-block-wood in-draw-horizontal-knife-block-wood-chopping-board


Kick Board Drawer

Have you ever considered replacing your kickboards with slim line drawers? This is possibly the best use of space ever. With a push-open function, no one will ever know what lies inside so why not store your valuables?! Otherwise these shallow drawers can be a great place to store paper instruction booklets, recipe books, baking trays and serviettes and tea towels.

kickboard-drawers-under-bench-storage-ideas kickboard-drawers-under-bench-storage-ideas

Drawer for Electronics

As recipe books slowly become obsolete and tablets become the new source of your latest cooking experiments, it can be risky having electricals hanging around a wet, cluttered and untidy kitchen. Turn one of your top drawers into your electrical hub with power points installed against the back of the draw to store and charge your phones, laptop and tablet. This way, the draw can be opened with recipes displayed when in need but can be tucked away when things get messy.

Electronic-draw-kitchen-charge-appliance Electronic-draw-kitchen-charge-appliance

Vegie Drawer

Potatoes, garlic, onions and tomato are best stored in a cool, dry space. Did you know that when potatoes are stored within a fridge, the starch begins to convert to sugar? Nominating a deep bottom draw to the storage of these vegies is the best way to free up some fridge space and keep these foods in their optimal environment. Consider replacing part of the draw front with a mesh material to keep the air circulating.


Pull-out chopping board

So many cutlery drawers are only half full – or would be if you gave them a proper clean out! Fit a removable chopping board over the top of a shallow draw to create a separate cutting area so that your apples don’t get tinged with the taste of last nights onions. A removable chopping board that can be extended out above a bin needs a simple circular hole cut in the back so when your peeling is complete, simply sweep the peel back through the hole to the bin below!

pull-out-chopping-board-in-drawer pull-out-chopping-board-in-drawer-over-bin

Pull Out Cupboard Organiser

Spatulas, tongs, peelers and whisks. There’s nothing more annoying than when you’re in a hurry to flip your omelette and open the draw to find a web of plastic, metal and wooden spoons but no SPATULA! Ditch the messy drawer idea and opt for stainless steel drawer organisers that can be adjusted to fit your pre-existing draw. If you’ve too much to fit into this, install a pull-out cupboard organiser which can store all your daily kitchen elements as well as spices, chopping boards and tea towels.

cutlery-tray-plastic-utensils-kitchen-organise-storage kitchen-elite-pull-out-storage Cutlery tray stainless-steel-cutlery-utensils-organiser-kitchen-drawer


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