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Kitchen Storage Solutions

Kitchen storage has always been developing because of the ever changing needs and evolving activities of the humble kitchen. Cooking, food preparation, cleaning, storing and even family bonding. In today's kitchens, storage not only serves as a place to keep stock and supplies. Storage also aids in quick access and easy clean up of an array of food and non food items alike.


With the kitchen being the heart of every home, a cluttered and messy kitchen is just not an option.

Say no more to kitchen clutter with these easy Kitchen storage routine.


The back of the pantry has always been unused and wasted. Give your pantry a design overhaul with kitchen drawers that draw dry goods right out to you, two- and three-tier shelving units that can double your usable pantry space and over-the-doors hooks and rails

Pull-out pantries


If you don’t have space for a walk-in pantry, consider installing a pull-out pantry within your cabinetry that takes up minimal space and makes it easy to access dry goods from both sides.


Don’t forget to install proper lighting so that you can see the entire contents of your pantry at a glance.LED lights are the new popular choice because of the higher light quality they provide whilst helping you lower your energy bills.

Cabinetry storage

Kitchen storage solutionsMost kitchens have overhead cupboard that end up being unused space. Try using a kitchen cupboard dish rack that's perfect for these spaces. The top shelf holds up to 20kg of plates stacked vertically, and the bottom shelf holds up to 20kg of other crockery items. The bottom shelf includes a slide-out drip tray so your dishes can be stored away wet!
Having trouble utilising extra deep drawers? try pull out storage cupboards and store so much more while making everything convenient and accessible.

Hide clutter

Banish clutter from the counter by tucking everyday appliances such as the kettle and toaster behind sliding doors or inside discreet breakfast nooks (make sure you have enough properly located electrical sockets).

Utilise space

RSEES1KCK0198 v1Make better use of slim low cabinet spaces by installing a kitchen cupboard pull out storage to maximise your cupboard. For awkward cabinet corner's, try using a magic corner pull out storage which brings the entire contents of the unit into view when you open the door.

Drawer storage

Save time scrambling through drawers for that elusive utensil by adding drawer organisers and dividers to all your kitchen drawers. Look for inserts that are modular and expandable to fit your drawer size and requirements exactly and don't forget non-slip drawer inserts that keep the contents of your drawers secure.

Shelf storage

Boost your kitchen storage space with an open out pantry. It provides access to the door mounted baskets and pulls out the rear baskets for full access to those hard-to-get items. It makes everything convenient and accessible.

Vertical storage

In a space-starved kitchen make the most of vertical space by installing a wall mounted kitchen wall rack to to keep all your cooking needs close at hand.  It also keeps dangerous items such as sharp knifes up high and away from small children. Hooks over the kitchen door, inside the pantry door or under the sink are the perfect spot for tea towels and aprons.

Small storage

Don’t forget to find a home for all the little things that can quickly clutter up your bench top. Clear plastic containers allow you to organise and label your dry food and leftovers with ease, as well as keep tabs on how much you've got left.

Take control of plastic bags with a plastic bag dispenser and create a dedicated space for everyday essentials.

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