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Kitchen Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Cleaning your kitchen may seem like a hard task, but it really doesn't have to be if you follow these tips on a regular basis.

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Cleaning dishes

One of the most annoying things you can see around your kitchen are old dishes, caked on with grease and dried bits of food. Although this may seem hard to deal with if you have abandoned them for far too long, in reality it takes just a bit of effort to soften them up and make them more manageable for cleaning. You can do a lot with some hot water and distilled white vinegar, especially if you decide to combine it with dish-washing liquids. Vinegar’s acidity and its power in cutting grease will be very useful in keeping things easy to clean.

Cleaning water streaks

There is nothing more annoying after cleaning your windows or mirrors than finding persistent streaks. You could also find the same streaks appearing on your drinking glasses. Well you can get around that with a great measure of success by simply using a mix of water and white vinegar once more. The acid in the vinegar will help break down the buildup, which in term will eliminate the streaks.

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Old sauce containers

Strong sauces can have some vegetables like peppers and tomatoes which can color plastic containers. You can help keep them clean by applying some vegetable oil inside before you pour in the sauce. The oil gives the container a layer of protection.

Cleaning ceramics tiles

Ceramic tiles are a great surface cover for high moisture areas, but they can be vulnerable to mold when not cleaned on a regular basis. Sauce splatters are something that can easily stain a surface and harden over time. To remove you should use a piece of cloth soaked with rubbing alcohol to break down the spots as well as disinfect the surface.

Cleaning wood

Wood is porous and thus able to absorb a lot of contaminants and bacteria. You need to clean it more thoroughly than other surfaces. You can deodorize it by using half cup of baking soda, sprinkling it over and leave for some time to absorb. Rubbing it into the surface will help remove any odors, neutralizing them in the process.

Cleaning waste bins

Throwing out waste is not only necessary, but also an important part of home hygiene. It is advisable to do this activity at least once a day. This will remove the risk of developing bacteria and spreading unpleasant smells. The process does not conclude with throwing the trash bags. What is also necessary is to sanitise your rubbish bins from time to time. Depending on what material your bins are made of, you can use different solutions and pick what works best.