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Key Storage Systems, More than Just Storing Spare Keys.

Growing up, if your kid forgot their keys, they'd have to wait on the porch until you get home or head to a neighbor's house in hopes that they were home, if they had the spare keys to your place.

But what happens if you're not a fan of the guy down the hall or across the street? Where do you keep a spare?

Having an outdoor key storage assures you that house is safe, kids only has to remember a simple 4 digit code. No more crying, lectures or lost keys.


For the property agents, have you ever driven past a home, knowing your client would love it, but don't have the time for you to drive back to the office to get the key? Showing a home is so much easier when you know the key is with the house. You just call your office for the combination.

Take clients to numerous houses in the area without having to track down any keys - as long as the houses have an outdoor key safe and your agency has the code. This means no more missed opportunities


Now for homeowners, you probably don't want numerous keys cut and handed out to multiple agents. An outdoor key safe provides you peace of mind, knowing that there is only one key and it's kept securely in your outdoor key storage attached to the house.

This is also useful for those who have rental properties. Simply attach one to your rental property and  changed the combination at the end of the rental period.

Having an outdoor key storage is normally the most taken for-granted necessity for most homeowners. Basing from the above, you'd see that it doesn't simply store spare keys.

An outdoor key safe helps gives you peace of mind, a stress free child, more views for sooner property sale and security with both rental properties and your very own home.