Chillaxing teenage girl bedroom ideas

Teenage girls can often be a unique breed. Opinionated, stubborn and without doubt, the ‘boss’, teenage girls need a bedroom to call their own in which they can style and decorate to represent themselves. When considering a teenage girls bedroom, remember that her opinion needs to be valued as it is her that will be spending the next decade in this space.


Teenage girls bedrooms vary from simple, fresh spaces to glitzy, pink, jewel-embellished bedrooms. Whether you are wanting to just add a splash of colour or a begin a full bedroom makeover, make sure you plan and research well before beginning as you don’t want to repeat the whole process 1 year down the track!

Bed Spread

Choosing your bedspread is a good place to start! If you find one that you really love, theme your bedroom renovation around it. Opt for a simple design if wanting a patterned feature wall or choose a psychedelic bed spread and keep the walls simple. Remember that lots of sleepovers are had through the teenage years so if possible; get two sets so that you can always set up a matching bed for friends! Bunk beds are a great space-saving idea and when sleepovers begin to fizzle, the bottom bed can be removed and the space below can be turned into a study zone.

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Whether a stereotypical girly-girl or sports-mad tomboy, bedroom wallpapers and feature walls are always a popular, inexpensive and unique way of individualising your teenager’s bedroom. Choose a colour or pattern and this will determine the theme for your bedroom. Flowers, sports stripes, bright colours or even large vintage prints that can be stuck down just like wallpaper are fun and fantastic ways of brightening up your child’s room. Look online at some of the available wall art stickers! Manhattan skyline silhouettes and motivational quotes are very popular!

Teenage_Girls_Bedroom_18 Teenage_Girls_Bedroom_feature wall Teenage_Girls_Bedroom_14 Teenage_Girls_Bedroom_16 Teenage_Girls_Bedroom_10 Teenage_Girl_Bedroom_Renovation_renovatorestore

Wardrobe and Mirror

Maybe not initially but with time, the mirror and wardrobe area will become the most used space of your teenagers bedroom. Hours will be spent inside the wardrobe and in front of the mirror. For this reason, make sure sufficient lighting and storage is installed. Remember that as your teenager grows, her wardrobe will too. Don’t waste any space at all! Shoe storage is also a necessity! For fantastic wardrobe storage ideas that can be installed in new or pre-existing spaces, check out the

Teenage_Girl_Bedroom_Renovation_renovatorestore Teenage_Girl_Bedroom_Renovation_renovatorestore

Chill Out Zone

With all the study, romances and party scenes, your teenager will need an area where she can step back, chill out and listen to her music. If space allows, think about creating a small chill out zone either a chair by a window or in a pile of pillows!

Teenage_Girls_Bedroom_22 Teenage_Girls_Bedroom_12 Teenage_Girls_Bedroom_9 Teenage_Girls_Bedroom_7


The desk area, although not necessary insisted on by your teenager, is with no doubt a very important part of their bedroom. Hours will, or should be spent here throughout the years as school work piles high and VCE lurks around the corner. A wide desk with sufficient storage needs to be installed with multiple power points and book storage above and below. Never can a desk have enough storage! Your teenager’s desk doesn’t need to be bland and boring. Make studying fun by creating an inspiring and motivational nook that allows her to be creative and studious.

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