Inspecting a Potential Home Before Buying It

buying a home

Inspecting a potential home and making sure every single inch is perfect is one of the projects you’ll have to take care of before making an offer. This is one of those things that might take a lot of time and energy, but inspecting your future home is also a way to avoid tons of problems down the road and make sure you’ve made the right choice. So, what are some of the things you need to check and how many of them can you do on your own without hiring a professional?

The Location of the Property

Finding a perfect home and finding a perfect home at the perfect location are two very different things. Lots of people spend months and even years scouting properties and talking to their real estate agents and they still can’t find the right home at the right spot. This is why location is the most important thing when looking for a new home, so don’t be afraid to think long and hard before choosing a new home for yourself and your family.

Picking the right location is a complex, delicate, and difficult process, and it comes with a ton of challenges you’ll have to deal with before you can safely say you’ve picked the right place for your new home. Some of the things you have to consider include the neighbourhood of your new home, how well it’s connected to other important neighbourhoods in your area, and what it might look like in the future. These things aren’t easy to predict and assess, so don’t be afraid to talk to your family and consult a local real estate agent who might know more about these things than you.

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The Layout of the House

inspecting home layout

This is another crucial thing that might make or break your future home, determining the quality of your life in it. Depending on the size of your family and your social life, you can either pick a tiny home with just enough space to sleep in or a massive place with a huge entertaining section, where you can welcome tons of guests and throw amazing parties. So, when inspecting the place for the first time, remember to check out all the rooms and figure out whether the layout is going to work for you or not.

Even if you’re not completely happy with the floor plan, you can adapt it to your needs and make it work for your family. Destroying the walls, adding new support beams, and installing new walls isn’t as hard as it used to be just a decade or two ago, so you can change your floor plan and make it more suitable for your needs. Of course, picking a home that has the right layout is a better, easier, and cheaper solution.

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The Roof

Even though this isn’t on top of everyone’s list of priorities, the roof is one of the areas of your home that needs your attention. And just because most people don’t care about their roofs doesn’t mean you should completely ignore yours and move into a home with a leaky one. 

Unfortunately, inspecting the roof isn’t the easiest thing you’ll ever do, especially if you have no previous experience, so hiring someone to do that for you might be a good idea. Even with roofs that have been updated recently, you may need an expert to perform thorough waterproof membrane testing and assure you everything’s in order. This is a crucial step for the future of your home and your family, so try not to skip it!

The Electrical and Plumbing

inspecting home plumbing

No matter how old your potential home is, checking the electrical and plumbing work in it is important before paying for it. Old homes that have never been updated probably need to have these two systems completely repaired and renovated, but if you’re not a fan of investing more money right now, you at least need to know they’ll work properly for a while.

Checking the electrical and plumbing is something you can do on your own even if you’re not an expert. Take a look at the water heater, the toilets, the drain lines, the electrical panel, and the outlets, but try to be as discreet as you can. Some agents and sellers don’t like people snooping around, but it’s your money and you need to make sure everything’s alright. 

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Checking a home before buying it is a long and tiring process, but it’s also an opportunity to evaluate the property before moving in. So, start doing these things as soon as you walk in and consider them when thinking about making an offer.