How to Wake Up your Home with Lighting

While you try finding the latest sofa to put into your living room or the best shade of green to put into our home office, both artificial lighting and the amount of natural light that pours into your home can make a huge difference.


Natural Light

Natural light can change you and your home’s mood.

We need natural light to be healthy. Just the same as our home also needs natural light to  kill bacteria that loom in dark and wet spaces in your home and creates an ambiance that can’t be rivaled by artificial lighting sources.


Let Light in with minimal window treatments

Illuminated and bright rooms make your home feel more spacious.  If you struggle trying to make your interiors feel larger, natural light and illumination actually fools the eye. Dark rooms with larger furniture and well-lit rooms with less furniture can have the opposite effect when it comes to interior design. Use multiple lighting sources in the evening, to avoid dark areas in your home. Skylights and roof windows are great ways to utilise light right up until the sin goes down.  Ample task and ambiance lighting such as pendant lights throughout your home will enlarge your interiors visually and make you want to linger in them longer.

Flexible Windows

In many homes the problem isn't the sources of light through adjacent windows, rather the ability to let light in effectively. Heavy blinds, thick layered fabric curtains often keep out much-needed natural light. Use light-weight fabrics such as cotton or linen. For more extreme climates, opt for materials that are versatile and can be tied back to let in light or close when the sun is glaring or too bright.


Light colors and neutral color palette allows natural light to make your home feel welcoming

Natural light has therapeutic and mental health benefits

Whether you enjoy the glow of natural light through translucent glass blocks in your shower or you open your blinds wide in your home office every morning, there is a health benefit to natural light. Try walking outside and soaking up sunlight and then come back into your home. If your body feels like it’s lacking the fresh and therapeutic benefits of sunlight – think of ways to bring it into your home in greater abundance.

Design your home with clever window placement

Depending on where you live in the world and the orientation of your home will affect how the rising and setting sun affect you and your family. Consider your lifestyle – are you a morning riser and enjoy sun waking you or would you rather save the morning daylight for your main living areas. Think of window and furniture placement considerations when incorporating natural light into your home.

natural light bedroom windows 10 Smart Tips For Waking Up your Home with Lighting

When designing your home or placing furniture – think about natural light sources

Use houseplants as an excuse to let in natural light

Greenery and houseplants go hand-in-hand with healthy green living for humans and letting in natural sunlight into your home. Give yourself an excuse to have to open your window shades daily by using greenery around your home. Houseplants in a sunroom or growing in a kitchen garden can be perfect for growing herbs and small plants. Small terrariums grown on a side table or hanging in your bathroom are great for areas where you don’t have a lot of space. Either way plants give you an excuse to let in more light!

natural light plants 10 Smart Tips For Waking Up your Home with Lighting

Plants give you an excuse to open up your windows!

Artificial Light

Artificial light can beautify your home

Lighting technologies have come a long way in residential design. From eco-friendly varieties such LED fixtures to innovative one’s like in-floor light strips. LED lights have truly been perfected to suit both home and office environments and the benefits are now clear - the light quality is high and the choices flexible, they operate at low temperatures, last for decades, cost very little to run, and typically pay for themselves in 1 to 2 years (from savings in electricity).  These type of technologies enables homeowners to show off architectural detailing and still have a wonderful experience with artificial lighting.

natural and artificial light bridge 10 Smart Tips For Waking Up your Home with Lighting

Artificial lighting – light bridge creates a gorgeous aesthetic

Choosing the best lighting fixtures for your interiors

There are so many lighting fixtures on the market. Walk through your home at different times of the day to determine what activities you do the most in each room. Ambient or overall lighting usually consists of overhead lighting – while task lighting comes in the forms of under cabinet, pendants and table lighting. Ambiance lighting such as chandeliers and wall sconces add a unique ambiance to your space and are perfect for entryway and foyers. In the absence of a room to accommodate natural light, using Warm and Cool lighting depending on the desired effect is a workaround to the places where natural light doesn't come in. Choose lighting that complements your interiors and allows you versatility in your everyday living.


What lighting best suits your needs?

Make your home feel like home with the addition of lighting

You can change the mood in your home instantly with the flipping on of a switch, the closing of a blind, or the lighting of a few candles. Your lifestyle and all it has to offer will be enhanced with natural and artificial lighting. Simple additions like dimmer switches can allow you to switch from using a living room as a brightly lit work space, to dimming it down for relaxation. And carefully zoning your lighting means you can have your lights over the kitchen bench up bright, but keep the lights over the dining table or living space dimmed.  These small additions can really improve the usability and appeal of your open plan and larger living areas.  Create a home that you love to be in with these lighting ideas.