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How to Style a Holiday Home

Regardless of whether you own your own holiday house, or simply return to the same property year after year, holiday homes hold a special place in the hearts of many Australians. When you think about the best houses you've visited, or even just the ones in magazines, you'll notice that they all share that essential 'vacation vibe'. This feeling is the combination of a great location, loving friends, family and of course the interior styling and decoration! Whether you intend on purchasing a home for your own use or for renting out to others, follow this guide on how to properly style a holiday home!


Observe Your Surroundings

Let your surroundings inspire you. Talk a walk in the area surrounding your property, and absorb the colours, texture and overall atmosphere associated with the environment. Try and incorporate some of these elements into your home. For example, the house depicted above has incorporated the rustic nature of the bushland into the home through use of wood panelling.


Create a Calm Atmosphere 


Whats the main reason you go on holiday? Generally its to rest, relax and re-charge. Therefore you obviously need to create a calming atmosphere. This can be achieved through use of peaceful colours (whites and creams) and opting for a minimalistic look to avoid clutter.


Select Appropriate Lighting

You want to use soft atmospheric lighting, and avoid bright artificial lights. Therefore opt for large windows to let in as much light as possible. When selecting downlighting opt for LED lights in warm white (2700K - 3000K) which is more suitable than a natural or cool white.


Consider the climate


Is this a beach house or cabin the the mountains? You have to style each accordingly. Incorporate cooler shades of blue, green and white in hotter climates, and warmer shades in earthy tones in colder climates.


Pick Suitable Storage

Storage is vital as you don't want clutter. Make sure you have enough cupboards, boxes, hooks and shelves to keep the floors and bench tops clear. This versatile unit displayed above houses your shoes, toys, towels, books and decorative pieces and additionally acts as a seat and coat rack.


Select Furniture


What you choose can immensely impact the overall feel of your residence. Lets start with seating: do you want one big couch or multiple smaller chairs? You need to consider quality and finishes. In a beach house try lighter coloured couches with linen finish, whilst in a farm or cabin try darker couches with softer, warmer fabrics.

Next consider dining arrangements: wooden tables are suitable in almost all properties. Again, stick to lighter coloured wood with simple white chairs for a beach residence, and darker woods for cabins. Just remember to always consider functionality and suitability.



Choose carefully, as accessories can be very powerful. Used correctly they can create illusion of greater space, and add to the overall atmosphere of the residence. It would be wise to select a theme of carry it throughout the residence. For example: modern, nautical, rustic, retro, shack or cottage. Above we see a modern-nautical fusion: the modernness conveyed by the sleek finishes, straight lines and grey undertones, whilst the nautical elements are present in the stripes cushions, blue-toned glassware and the woven white chairs.


Create Your Outdoor Space  

Take your time to create an outdoor area that you can personally relax and enjoy. Whether you'll use it to soak up the sun, enjoy a good book, or sip on a drink, the space should be relaxed and comfortable. Consider wooden beach chairs, couches or funky hanging egg chairs for seating, and remember to investigate into an outdoor table for entertaining and a large umbrella for shade.


Overall, take some risks to make the space memorable and unique. Don't be afraid to use bold pieces or try
something that you wouldn't normally attempt. Just remember to be creative and have some fun too!
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