How to Make an Amazing Garden: Complete Guide

growing a garden

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, plenty of people are getting into more outdoor activities like going for walks and hiking. However, one of the most popular hobbies to be picked up because of the pandemic is gardening. Having a garden and caring for plants isn't just fun, it's also a way to relieve stress during such an uncertain time. As such, it's a great idea to get started gardening if you've always wanted to grow flowers or tomato plants but feel like you've never had the time before.

Once you've determined where in your front or backyard you're going to make your garden, there are a few different steps you'll want to take in order to be sure that your garden is a true success. Having an amazing garden isn't hard, but it does take some thought and hard work. Especially if you plan on continuing to maintain the garden after the pandemic, making sure to set up your garden with the right materials and accessories can make all the difference to continuing to garden when things get back to a new normal. Here are a few thoughts on how to make an amazing garden.

Focus on the Best Raw Materials

making an amazing garden

This may seem obvious, but if you want to grow the best garden possible, it's important to have the best materials. Finding organic seeds and plants to put in your garden is crucial, but so is finding the best nutrient-rich soil for them to grow in. Similarly, it's a good idea to look for water that's been pH balanced to really ensure that your plants are getting everything they need to thrive. Looking into a water delivery service by heading to Google and typing in "water delivery service Montreal" is one way to find different water options that won't require you to head to the store every time you run out.

Keep Unwanted Pests at Bay

avoid garden pests

One of the most upsetting things that can happen when you're gardening is to have your garden ravaged by pests. Whether that's squirrels getting into your vegetables, disgusting worms in your tomato plants, or weeds threatening to overtake your soil, there are dozens of different ways that pests can negatively impact your garden. While something organic like vinegar can be useful as a way to keep some pests at bay, for other kinds of weeds and vermin, vinegar likely won't be enough. This is why it can be helpful to use a sprayer with organic gases or even pepper spray to dissuade critters from ruining your garden. Of course, it's important to protect yourself when you're spraying these sorts of vapours around, so you'll want to have a respirator or gas mask with a 40mm gas mask filter in order to keep yourself safe. Especially when you consider the Monsanto lawsuit regarding Roundup weed killer, it's clear that only using a damp cloth to protect yourself from various gases and aerosols is not enough if you want to live to enjoy your garden.

Don't Forget to Add Some Outdoor Decor!

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While it's easy to think only of the plants in your garden, it's important to have a great place to sit and enjoy your garden, too! Stone benchtops can provide an elegant and durable seating option that's far less susceptible to mould and other issues that can come from fabric cushions on outdoor benches. Natural stones like marble, quartz, and granite all provide an elegant stone benchtop that looks as great as it is durable. While a stone benchtop is definitely a bit more expensive than other outdoor furniture you might be looking at purchasing, when you consider the durability of these sorts of materials and the fact that you may not have to replace them for a long time, it makes total sense to choose these classic, charming materials to help bring some extra personality to your outdoor space. Best of all, these sorts of stone materials are great at complementing other things you might have to decorate your garden, such as small stone statues or a nice birdbath.

Gardening can be an incredibly rewarding hobby to pursue, even without the stress of a pandemic to motivate it. Caring for plants and growing your own vegetables is a great and inexpensive way to give your life purpose while also offering you the ability to enjoy the fruits of your labour from time to time. That being said, while gardening may be a popular choice for pandemic hobbies, that doesn't mean that everyone is doing it right. Doing what you can to purchase more durable materials like natural stones at a higher price point may seem like more of an up-front cost, but when you consider that you won't be replacing these sorts of things every year, the value offered becomes much more obvious. Just follow the tips above and you're sure to have an amazing garden!