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How to get a high-end kitchen for less

The kitchen can be one of the most expensive and complex room in the house. Given we spend so much time in that area, ensuring it looks good is also a high priority. So, how do you get that luxurious, modern high-end feel, without breaking the budget? We share some tips to make your high-end kitchen a possibility.

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When considering a new kitchen, zoning and design is an important factor. A high-end, well thought out kitchen will have an undeniable 'flow' to it. For example, you want to develop a classic working triangle, situating the fridge, stove-top and kitchen bench in close proximity to one another. While you're at it, you should consider storage requirements. If you're strapped for space, look into incorporating kitchen organising solutions into your space. Hidden organisers eliminate bulky storage options, and maximise the most out of a small space. If you're smart about design, you're already half-way there to having a high-end kitchen for less.


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Choosing a colour scheme can dramatically change the entire theme of your kitchen. Soft, neutral colours and a general monochromatic palette are highly unlikely to ever go out of style, and will help you achieve a simplistic and un-cluttered look. Remember to work with colours that do not stray from the general theme of the rest of the house, as this will disrupt the visual rhythm of your home. Professionals suggest you should pick two or three colours, and stick to it. If you're feeling bold, why not incorporate a tiled feature wall into your kitchen design? Grey, whites and marbles are a massive trend for 2017, due to it's timeless and natural feel.


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Tap and sinkware 

If you're looking to achieve that high-end look for your kitchen, then choosing stainless steel sinkware is a must. Not only is stainless steel the most hygienic option around, it will help you achieve that timelessly modern, industrial-chic feel. Stainless steel also then tends to become a statement piece in the kitchen, due to it's edgy and sharp look. Rather than choosing cheap and nasty taps made of chrome or other materials, opting for stainless steel will guarantee that the product has a long life, and you're ultimately choosing the safest material for your family. Check out some options here.



Lighting options

This gorgeous design encapsulates the idea of a high-end kitchen. If you have the means to, this sky light option allows natural light to filter through to the kitchen, giving a gorgeous day-time glow. LED light options are also a great energy-saving and environmentally friendly option for kitchen lighting. Moreover, they can be used for general lighting, spot-lighting or accent lighting. Browse some options here.


contemporary kitchen design One Kind Design

Getting A high-end kitchen used to be a daunting task but with these new thoughts combined with some great products from Renovator Store you'll have the kitchen of your dreams in no time!

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