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How a Removalist Can Help You Save Money During a Major Renovation

Renovating your family home can be hugely beneficial in the long term: You can capitalise on much-needed living space for your growing family, restore the structural integrity of your property, or ensure you get the best possible return on of your investment. The only drawback is that renovations can often be tricky, both logistically and financially.

Luckily, enlisting the help of professional removalist services is one of the easiest ways to reduce both the costs and the stress of any home renovation. Here are some of the advantages (and cost-saving benefits) that you can expect when entrusting your valuable goods and property with seasoned removalists.

removalist men loading box onto truck

Secure Storage

One of the key advantages to hiring a removalist service is that they’re likely to offer affordable, secure storage solutions. You can rest easy knowing that all your household goods will be safely stored in an environment free from wear, tear and weather damage.

Effectively, you end up getting two services for the price of one – storage and transportation. You don’t need to invest time and money in multiple companies with varying standards of protection.


If you can find a removalist company that offers a self-pack removal service, this can save you a pretty penny during your renovation. In fact, when you perform the packing yourself, you can save hundreds to thousands on the associated labour costs. Opt for a provider that will deliver strong and durable shipping containers in which to store and transport that you can pack and load yourself.

While this may require some additional planning, you’ll be assured that all your most precious and valuable items get into storage scratch-free, and without stretching the budget. This is by far the most cost-effective way to get your goods where they need to go during a house renovation!

empty boxes on sofa and floor

Cover Your Goods

The last thing you’d want to happen to any of your goods and valuables is to sustain some sort of damage while you’re completing your house renovation. Removalist insurance can seriously reduce the costs associated with having to replace damaged goods. This means that if the worst happens and your household goods do become damaged, you won’t be spending out of pocket.

This is especially important for products that are either very difficult to replace or need to be used immediately as soon as you reach your home renovations are complete. Things like white goods, personal electronics and books – all of which can be cumbersome and unnecessarily difficult to transport in a plane or scenic drive – can be personally and financially valuable individually, so it’s worth getting them covered for the cost of what they’re worth.

Reliable Transport

If you happen to be renovating your home while moving interstate, enlisting the help of a professional removalist company can really help you save money.

While you could freight your goods completely on your own, this isn’t always the most economical or even convenient solution (especially if you factor in children). Not only will have to hire a moving van or truck, and deal with the stress and strain of moving on your own, you’ll also need to cover the cost of:

  • Food and water

  • Petrol (which vary considerably from state to state)

  • Temporary accommodation (which may not have the appropriate storage for a trailer)

  • Vehicle maintenance

  • Road tolls

  • Insurance on the moving van or truck

  • A whole range of other miscellaneous costs

woman packing a table lamp

Taking everything into consideration, the costs can add up considerably. This is before you begin to think about having to account for the discomfort of travelling in a very tightly packed car with an anxious family in tow, braving some of the nation’s toughest roads.

Furthermore, accidents or damage sustained to your moving van or truck will need to be covered, which can in some cases put you out of pocket by hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars. Obviously, you’ll be able to avoid this with smart and safe driving but that puts a considerable bit more risk and strain on an already stressful process.

A removalist service can help here by taking care of the process of relocating your property to where it needs to go while your renovations are underway. Removalist services will insure your property for damage, vastly reducing the risk of any out of pocket payment being necessary.