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Home Air Conditioner: Making the Right Choice

Whether it's a cold winters night, or a boiling summer afternoon, most people will rely on their air conditioning systems to save the day. Central air systems can be pretty costly, and therefore you're going to want to be as well informed as possible about all the sizes, styles and brands out there on the market. Therefore to lend a helping hand we've compiled this guide "Home Air Conditioner: Making the Right Choice" to make sure you're happy with the choice you make!



What Size and Shape to Buy? ac2

There is a common misconception that a single type of air conditioner is suitable for every room in your house. First of all, every unit has a different size and shape. If you pick one too small, it will not be able to properly cool down the space. Conversely if it is too large, it will cool it so fast that the thermostat will shut the unit down before it can lower the humidity level in the room. Refer to this site to determine the type of air conditioner need in regards to the area to be cooled.


Energy consumption

Energy consumption is another REALLY important factor to consider. The Energy efficiency ratio (EER) of the unit is a measure of the cooling capacity in relation to the power required to the run the unit. Essentially the higher the EER, the better (EER around 9-12 is considered to be efficient). Those that have 12 or more are considered to be the best. For instance, most commercial systems usually have an EER below 10, which makes their energy consumption considerably higher compared to the vast majority of residential air conditioning solutions.

Pro tip: to cut your energy bill even further opt for LED lighting. Check out the enormous range lights to suit all households at!


What Control Options Are There?


Choosing the right control features can save you from the impending summer heat. Its a good idea to have a look at multi-speed fans and adjustable thermostats, so you can have maximum control over the temperature, ensuring maximum comfort.

Its also recommended that you choose a unit with a timer, allowing you to turn it on and off on the basis of a preset schedule. Finally, it is very important that you ask the person whom you buy the unit from to teach you how to remove the filters, because this is really the only maintenance step you will need to undertake to keep your system running.


Where to Put the Unit?


Choosing where to put the unit can always be a tricky decision. If you're only going to have one unit in your home, your going to want to keep it in your living room, and if possible, let the air flow into your bedroom. However, if you're opting to purchase multiple units you should install them in completely separate areas of the house, to reduce the chance of overlapping currents.


How Much Will It Cost?

Firstly your going to need to buy the unit/s. The best time to buy is before the summer heat hits, as retailers offer the best deals during this time.

Secondly you going to need to pay for installation, which is generally around $400 to $700. Again installation will be cheaper during cooler months where the demand is lower. Always check that your installer caulks both the inside and outside edges of the openings in the unit to prevent moisture and draft leakages.


Overall, getting an AC unit is always a good investment, and something you wont regret purchasing! It might not be the cheapest way of cooling your living quarters, but it is definitely the most efficient one.

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