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His and hers bathroom

Wouldn't it be so nice not to have to share bathroom counter space or wait for a turn at the sink to brush your teeth? If your bathroom is spacious enough for a double vanity, you're in luck.

Find yourself jostling for space in the bathroom?   Whether it’s the morning rush to get to work or at night before you go to bed? You don’t have to put up having to wait way longer, as his and hers bathrooms are becoming a huge must have.

2013-03-27_1632Simply speaking, his and hers sinks are just where you have two sinks in the bathroom, instead of the standard one. These sinks are located side by side with each having bench space around them and sharing the mirror.  The biggest advantage of having his and hers sinks in your bathroom is that you get valuable time.  One person can shave while the other is applying make-up or this is absolutely ideal when you’re in a rush as you don’t have to wait for the other person to finish up with what they are doing.  His and hers sinks means the end of having to apologise for being late because you had to wait for the bathroom to become free!

more room for twin sinksAnother benefit is that his and hers sinks are often placed on a double bathroom vanity, and this gives you both more bench top space and more storage space. It means the end of having to find room for all of those little things like make-up, electric razors, hair dryers  hair straighteners, toothbrushes, floss, hair brushes, medications, toiletries, and more.  You'll also be able to access your items faster as the extra storage space means that they will be organised and not just shoved in your vanity cabinets haphazardly. The extra counter space also means that you have more room to move, making those grooming chores more enjoyable.

His and hers sinks suit just about any type of bathroom as they come in just as many styles and designs as single bathroom sinks do.  They look best when you have two sinks that are the same and you can use them for period homes right through to ultra modern minimalist homes.identical sinks

They make the most out of small spaces. Most bathrooms are relatively small in size, and you'll find yourself squeezing behind your partner just to get around the bathroom. With dual sinks, you’re maximizing the available space in the bathroom without taking away valuable floor space. This is smart in today’s market where people are downsizing their homes. Instead of having extra counter space that goes unused, fill the space with a functional sink and re-love your bathroom all over again.

If you’re looking for a relatively easy and affordable upgrade to your bathroom, double bathroom vanities are the perfect choice. Simply get an extra tap and identical sink that can be purchased online or from a home improvement store like or even ebay, making it easy to scout out low prices. They are generally easy to install, and if you have some basic DIY experience, you can handle installation on your own.  Don't forget that your tapware needs to be installed by a qualified plumber though.His-and-Hers-bathroom

So go ahead make your bathroom experience a lot easier. save those few extra minutes of waiting for your turn in the bathroom and most of all stop those fights with your partner. After all she'd be better having her own storage to grab her make-up rather than accidentally grabbing your razors in the morning, right?