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Helpful Tips to Apply When Cleaning the Gutter

While most homeowners don’t find gutter cleaning a pleasing and exciting experience, they should regard the task as an imperative household chore that needs to be done at least twice a year. And even though they appear low on the totem pole, without a proper upkeep, gutters may take a toll in your house.

In connection with this, here are numerous things to keep in mind when doing the task.

install gutter guard

Safety measures

Examine the roof’s weak spots to make sure you don’t end up getting injured.

Ensure to set the ladder correctly. See to it that it’s not placed in an uneven ground. Also, avoid leaning the ladder against the guttering so as not to weaken it.

Have someone help you clean the gutter as much as possible. Doing so will not only hasten the entire process but also reinforce injury prevention.

Check whether or not the weather is appropriate for you to clean the gutters to prevent injuries or accidents.

Equipment and materials you will need

A ladder (with the right length). Avoid using a ladder that needs to be stretched farther to the gutter to avoid the risk of losing your footing on it.

A tool you can use if you wish to move the gutter remnants into a temporary trash bin.

Buckets or trash bins. This is where you will place all the debris you have collected from the gutters.

Leaf blower or garden hose. These are tools you can use to clean the gutters.

Gloves. These will protect your hands against dirt and cuts. Make sure to use the ones made from a thick suede material.

Gutter guards. Install gutter guards to help you save time and effort, especially if your house is surrounded with trees as these will help prevent leaves clogging the gutter.

Cleaning the gutters

Begin by removing all debris out of the gutters and downspouts using a trowel or scoop. You may use buckets or garbage bags to collect the debris.

Once you’re done cleaning the gutters, make sure to check the downspouts as well. Force water inside its openings using a garden hose to unclog the blockage. If the debris inside are hard to remove, you may use other equipment like a plumber’s snake or an unraveled coat hanger.

By keeping your gutters clean, you’re maintaining an eye-catching exterior and at the same time prolonging your roof’s lifespan.

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  • Mini Clean

    I really hate cleaning the gutters. as much as I would love to clean it alone to save money, I usually end up in having it cleaned by a cleaning company. No need to worry since the cleaners use environmentally friendly chemicals, thus, you will be worry free.

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