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How You Can Benefit From HDMI 1.4

HDMI, or High-Definition Multimedia Interface, is an interface that allows for the transfer of uncompressed digital audio and video data between source devices that support HDMI and compatible output devices such as computer monitors, digital televisions, digital audio devices, and others. This compact digital audio/video interface is the successor of existing analog standards like VGA, component video, and S-Video.

HDMI 1.4 CableHDMI 1.4 is the latest version of the compact digital audio/video interface. It brings a bunch of new features to the table such as support for 3D technology, an audio channel, an ethernet channel, expanded support for colour spaces, support for extremely high HD resolutions, and more. Make sure you get this new standard which will ensure that your connection will be future proof at least for the next several years, or else you might build your sweet entertainment system using the older, inferior standard.

This new standard will let you make your home theatre system look more attractive by giving you an easy way of hiding your cables and equipment. Make sure you take that benefit into consideration when planning your home theatre system. Now let’s take a look at how HDMI 1.4 can make your life easier and your home look better.

You can do more with less.

Before HDMI 1.4, you needed to have a separate cable for audio signal transfer and a dedicated ethernet cable for Internet connectivity. Now you can do without those two extra cables as HDMI 1.4 cables allow TV sets to deliver and receive audio along with video through a single cable, Internet-enabled devices to share an Internet connection, and HDMI-enabled devices to share digital content such as video games.

Aside from consolidating capabilities of different types of cables, HDMI 1.4 also offers new abilities. The interface’s expanded support for colour spaces (now includes Adobe RGB, Adobe YCC601, and sYCC601) means you will get access to colour spaces specifically designed to be displayed on digital cameras. This gives you a more accurate colour rendering when you are browsing digital photos of your family and friends.

The interface’s support for extremely high HD resolutions essentially gives you the ability to view digital content at the same resolution seen in a lot of modern digital cinema systems. That certainly sounds like something you would want in your home theatre system.

You can set up a home entertainment system that is prettier and safer.

By eliminating the need for separate cables for audio, video, and other digital content, a single HDMI 1.4 cable lets you be more discreet with your wiring installation. You can easily install your wires inside a cabinet or even in your wall. With a highly durable insulation, HDMI 1.4 cables are perfect for in-wall installation and it is guaranteed to last longer than old standard HDMI cables especially in a construction environment.

You can also tuck away your equipment inside a single panel for a much neater look. By using an RF extender with IR control, you can still control your AV equipment remotely even when they are hidden away, and by using wall plates, you can neatly connect your electronic devices to your speakers. You can now have a home theatre system that you will barely notice while still maintaining the comfort of controlling everything from a distance.

Plus, without multiple wires all tangled up with each other, your home entertainment system will not be a fire hazard. That means using this new standard doesn’t just allow you to make your home theatre system prettier, it also keeps you safe.

Save money.

Since you will be using less cables, you will be spending less money in purchasing them, as well as in installation.

If you’re planning on building or upgrading your home entertainment system, it’s pretty clear that HDMI 1.4 should factor into it prominently especially if you want a neater, safer, cheaper, more future friendly, and more powerful home theatre.

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