Hangout Hot Spot: How to Upgrade Your Relaxing Rooms

relaxing at home

In this era of social distancing, your home should be your go-to place whenever you want to relax. However, how relaxing your home is depends on you! Here are some tips for making your space much more relaxing!

1. Do a Thorough Cleanup

You should never underestimate a clean room, as it is the first step towards creating a stress-free home. Doing a thorough cleanup doesn’t only involve the regular room dusting or mopping. It includes reorganising everything and getting rid of the things that you don’t need. Clear up your messed-up closet and separate the things you don’t need in a separate storage box. To make the cleanup process much faster, you can invite your friends to help you clean up and donate the items you don’t need.

2. Choose the Right Color Scheme

Studies have shown that the type of colour that you choose for your home plays an essential role in the mood it brings. It can be challenging to select the best colour scheme to put in your home and combine them. To avoid confusion, you can make the process simpler by using one colour scheme. Blue has always been the widely chosen colour as it is believed to have the ability to calm your mind and lower blood pressure. Additionally, you can get brightly coloured throw pillows to your room to brighten it up.

3. Make Sure the AC is Working This Summer

You could have the most elegant room design with all the latest features, but that means nothing if you are too hot to enjoy it. It’s true -- heat stresses people out. If you want a relaxing space, then you’ll need to make sure your AC is working properly. Is your AC running but not cooling? You may have dirty filters or perhaps debris is blocking the intake area on your outdoor AC unit. You may want to call a technician for that summer AC maintenance. 

4. Make Your Bed Cozy

Your bed is not only the place where you sleep, but it is also the place where you get to reflect on your day, make significant decisions and decide on your next move. The quality of your bed and every other accessory that comes with it determines how well you relax. For all these reasons, you need to upgrade your bed, more so, your beddings. For example, when choosing bed sheets, opt for quality cotton sheets as they are comfy and regulate the temperature as you sleep. 

Also, invest in a good pillow as it will help you sleep comfortably and protect your spine. Above all, make sure that it has a removable cover for you to change from time to time. Upgrading your bed accessories may be a hustle, but at the end of the day, your comfort comes first.

5. Set Up a Few Houseplants

Plants can bring the natural environment to the home and brighten your home. Besides that, they also clean up the air by eliminating the harmful toxins, thus building up the fresh air you need. To strike a balance, have a mix-up of both the artificial and natural houseplants. You can set up artificial plants in the corners that don’t receive much light since they won’t require much maintenance.

6. Add Some Scent

Over time, most spas have continually used scented candles as they are believed to have some healing and soothing properties. Amazingly, you can also bring this into your own home. Candles offer a sense of relief, especially during these stressful times, and they help to spark up great memories of the past. If you’re using it in your bedroom, remember to light it up at least one hour before you go to sleep and put it off once you sleep. 

7. Set Up a Spa-like Bathroom

Are you lucky enough to own a bathtub? If so, then you can soak the stress away in your bathtub by using diffusers. Diffusers are a great and more affordable alternative, especially in your home setup. A diffuser helps bring a calming effect to your home, and it’s a great mood booster whenever your spirits are low. 

Some diffusers can just be easily mixed with the water in your bathtub. For others, you have to rub the oil to your body before you get into the bathtub. Great examples of such are eucalyptus and lavender oils. You can also put on some good vibe music and take all the time you need in your bathroom


8. Take Care of the Lighting

How much light do you have in your home? If you’re used to using LED bulbs, you could be saving on your utility bills but having a hard time before you catch your sleep. For this reason, make sure that you strike your balance for the different rooms. 

You can set up lampshades or soft white bulbs in your living room to create that relaxing atmosphere. Also, you can opt for warm reddish bulbs for your bedroom. It will help you set the mood for sleep as it brings that relaxation mood into your bedroom. 

There’s a lot more than you can do with your room than just upgrading that furniture and decor. Make these simple moves slowly, step by step until you achieve the comfort you need in your home. 


Jennifer Bell is a freelance writer, blogger, dog-enthusiast, and avid beachgoer operating out of Southern New Jersey.