Kitchen Trends: Granite Sinks Rock in 2018

Kitchen trends this year feature some pretty design schemes and granite sinks are in harmony with many of those themes and colour motifs. Let's take a look at how granite sinks can beautify and update your kitchen.

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How Do Granite Sinks Fit in 2018 Kitchen Trends?

Several design themes dominate in kitchens this year.  The good news is any of them will look impressive with a certain style and colour of granite sink.

White Granite Sinks in Blue Kitchens. Combinations of various hues of blue reign in kitchens this 2018. Imagine your kitchen with a bright blue island, navy blue cabinets, beach blue and teal appliances, with touches of pastel blue kitchenware. What a radiant highlight a white granite sink would be in that sea of blue!

blue themed kitchen trends

Granite Sinks for Black & White Kitchens. Next to blue, black and white kitchens are making a statement this year. Black countertops, white kitchen walls, black appliances, white storage cabinets, and--what else but a black granite sink to complete that slick look. You could also invert everything and top it off with a white granite sink. Add stainless steel fittings to make it picture perfect.

twin bowl black granite sink with drainer in black and white kitchen trends

Black Granite Sinks for Black Kitchens. The most assertive kitchen in 2018 is a black-themed kitchen, whether jet black, ebony, or obsidian. You could even try some variations: black with brass accents, black tiles with rich woods, or lacquered black finishes with splashes of colour. Of course, a black granite sink will feel right at home in any of those setups.

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Grey Granite Sinks in Subdued Neutral Kitchens. Neutrals and subdued colours are something that can make your kitchen timeless. For instance, think of grey shelves and cabinets, blended with some natural wood, plus maybe red pots and pans to highlight. This is the kind of kitchen that needs a grey granite sink.

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What to Look For in Granite Kitchen Sinks

Since you're considering a granite kitchen sink, it would be useful to know what to check for when buying one. Here are some tips:

ENGINEERED STRENGTH. We know granite is strong and durable, which is most important to a lot of people. Select granite sinks that have a lifetime warranty, like Carysil's composite quartz kitchen sinks. Quartz is the hardest constituent of granite and makes up 80% of these sinks. The quartz is moulded with high-grade acrylic resin through a special computer-controlled process, resulting in a hardened, composite material that is resistant to scratches, dents, stains, heat and cracks.

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SAFE & HYGIENIC. Kitchens require an acceptable level of hygiene since food preparation happens there. There are granite sinks that contain silver ions which repel bacteria and prevent their reproduction. Cino's granite sinks have this anti-bacterial feature. In addition, because granite kitchen sinks are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance, you can effortlessly keep them safer against health hazards.

BEAUTY & QUALITY. Purchase a granite sink with a stunning appearance as well as splendid quality. This balance is essential and applied to Cino granite sinks, which complements product optimisation with quality in the process of production. If you want a sink that looks like natural stone, this is produced by combining natural granite and acrylic resin. This is how a Cino sink becomes resistant to high temperatures and withstands impacts and shocks. The product also goes through a "ceramisation" process at 700°C, allowing the colour to penetrate to the core and improving overall resistance to discolouration. The finished colour is achieved from the blend of the granite and variation in shades.

black granite kitchen sink in black and white kitchen

TRUSTED SUPREMACY. Look for a granite sink that is trusted around the globe for decades. The Carysil name is prominent when you talk about composite quartz kitchen sinks. The company now supplies to more than 40 countries across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas. Cino sinks, meanwhile, are Italian-made and carried by an Australian-owned business that has long been involved in architecture and design and with a passion for excellent craftsmanship.

DESIGN OPTIONS. Some granite sinks have a silk-like texture or a metallic black surface, while others come in either black, grey, or white. A granite kitchen sink is the perfect choice since it will always remain contemporary in terms of looks and style and can be matched with most designs whatever kitchen trends may arise.

carysil granite sinks for modern kitchens 2018

Does Your Current Kitchen Need a Granite Sink?

If you’re having your kitchen remodelled soon (or maybe building a house) a granite sink may be what you need to blend with contemporary kitchen trends. Renovator Store stocks German-engineered Carysil sinks, the luxurious Ytalo sink, and Cino granite sinks that are 100% made in Italy if you prefer European-made products. These brands are eco-friendly and also feature an anti-bacterial technology that protects versus bacterial reproduction.

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