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Front door décor ideas

Front doors have always had a special place in the book of design. The reasons for this are numerous, from Feng Shui philosophy, where doors are an entry point of the entire household energy, to the importance of making a good first impression of the house or a flat, which is something the majority of people truly care about. If you are on the point of choosing a new front door for your home or you are planning to redecorate, do not leave anything to chance. These ideas will help you make the right choice:

The colour choice

The colour you choose for your front door is of tremendous importance and in some instances a fresh layer of cleverly chosen paint is sufficient in creating a desirable effect. In all other instances, the proper choice of colour sets the right foundation for any décor idea that follows. Bear in mind the colour theory if you wish to combine different colours and particularly if you plan to add decorations. Neutral colour palette is more universal while bold choices work in some instances. Whichever you opt for take the colour of façade in consideration as well since everything needs to be harmonious in order to achieve the desired effect.

front door colour


Personal welcome

If you’re an art and crafts person, or you have a special interest and talent for any other type of handmade art, for example, transform your front door into and exhibition place for your most representable works of art. A wreath made of jewellery or colourful yarn balls will leave no doubt about your artistic skills. There is only one consideration, don’t overdo it. A single decoration of homemade piece of art is always a better welcome than a crammed front door.

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Wreaths are something that is usually found as a front door decoration, due to traditional, religious and symbolic reasons. If these reasons do not appeal to you, but you like the visual effect the wreaths achieve, go with empty decorative frames instead. Why empty? Because it will allow you to change the setting whenever you feel like it. For example, you can decorate it with colourful ribbons one week, then next you could go with actual artwork and on other occasion you could install a chalkboard and write a suitable welcoming note for a special occasion. Have fun and change the atmosphere whenever you feel like doing so.

front door decor ideas

Wooden cut out décor

If you want something out of the box and not to exuberant, wooden cut out décor would be the perfect solution. Combine various cut out pieces to form interesting shapes or figures, such as animals, reliefs or geometrical figures, all of which will provide additional dimension to your front door. Also, creating this type of decoration is a great family fun time; both kids and adults enjoy making them.



Special considerations

Sometimes the specifics of your front door type and structure do not allow too much experimentation. For example, an ornamented door surface is decorative enough on its own, while security screen doors don’t allow almost any additions in order to maintain their primary function. Still, you can personalise both of them by adding decorative hardware. Luckily, the vast choice of decorative hinges, handles and door knockers available on the market guarantees that you will be able to find suitable pieces to decorate your front door with.

front door ideas


Whether you prefer somewhat traditional front door décor, or you’re more inclined towards something out of the ordinary, these ideas will either present a complete solution or set you on the right track.