First Things to Do Before Moving Into Your New Home

Photo by Daniela Gisin-Krumsick on Unsplash


Becoming a homeowner is one of the best things you can do in your life - if you’re lucky enough to do it, of course. It’s also a great way to give your family a place to live and if you want to make this space perfect, there are a few things you can do before you move in. Keep in mind that you can’t do some of these after moving in, so you need to plan everything in advance in order to make sure it will be done before you have to move. While looking for a new home, always include the cost of the repairs into the final cost, just to avoid not having enough money to do all the improvements and end up moving into a home that’s not completely done. 


Think about flooring


This is one of the things you can’t do while you’re living in your new home because of all the mess that comes with the process of updating your floors. You’ll have lots of options to choose from, but most new homeowners decide to install completely new floors in the entire home. This could end up being rather expensive, though, so sanding down the existing floors is a much more affordable option. You can do this on your own too, as long as the floors are in good shape. No matter which option you choose from, take the time frame into account and make sure you’ll have enough time to upgrade your floors before your moving day.


Change your locks and update your security


home security

Change your locks and update your security If you want to feel good about living in it, consider installing a few security cameras, a video doorbell and some high-quality locks on all your doors and windows. Unless you’re about to move into a home that’s completely new and that has never had any other tenants living in it, changing the locks and thinking about your security might be a great idea. You can never know who’s lived there before you and how old your locks are. You could be having problems with old tenants, as well as locks that are outdated and ineffective, so changing them is a must. Once you do that, consider your safety potential and try to figure out how safe your new home really is. If you want to feel good about living in it, consider installing a few security cameras and some high-quality locks on all your doors and windows.


Paint the entire place


This is another project you can tackle after moving in, but doing it beforehand is much easier. Just like redoing your floors, repainting your new place is a messy and dirty project, which is why completing it before arranging your furniture makes much more sense in the long run. Again, you can paint the walls yourself, but is this really how you want to spend your valuable time before moving into your new home? Professional painters are easy to find and no matter where you live, from Australia to Canada, make sure you’ve found the right people for the job. If you’re in Australia, for instance, you could consider finding some detail-oriented painters from Sydney who will repaint your future home quickly and meticulously, giving you a chance to start your life in your new home with a clean slate!


Check the plumbing and electrical

home plumbing check

Lots of people purchase homes without checking the plumbing and electrical systems and later realize that they’ve made the biggest mistake of their lives. This is one of those problems you don’t notice at first, but you end up spending lots and lots of money fixing it, especially if you move in first. The situation is even more serious with old homes or properties that haven’t been renovated in a while because the chances are that the plumbing and electrical here are in catastrophic condition. That’s why you need to do two things before moving in - get a professional to check the plumbing and electrical, and get these things fixed before it’s too late. If you fail to do so, you could put your family’s finances and your home’s entire future at risk, and those aren’t the things you want to do when moving into a new home. 


These are just some of the things you need to do before moving into a new home, but not all. So, start by focusing on these first and don’t be afraid to update your new place before finally settling in.