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How to Find the Right Draftsman

Are you looking to renovate? A critical step in the renovation process that is commonly overlooked is who you select as a draftsman. If you have specific aims for your project that you wish to achieve, you have to ensure that those working alongside you understand them too, and are fully committed to helping you achieve your goals. Therefore, here's a list of questions to ask yourself and your draftsman before engaging their drafting services, including some tips and pointers:

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1. Are they experienced in this type of work?

Many architects and draftsmen specialise in a limited range of work. Finding someone who has expertise in the kind of work you're looking at doing often means they know all the ins and outs, and they'll be able to see things that you won't. In the long run spending a little extra time to find the draftsman best suited to you will ensure you end up with a thorough renovation plan, which will prevent materialisation of any disasters, and in the long run will save you time, money and effort.


2. Are they passionate?

If they are not keen or excited about the works, they don't deserve to be picked. Renovating is an exciting time and it should be fun! If your consultant is lazy and rushing the job, find someone else.




3. Do they offer innovative ideas?

There are always new materials, products and designs popping up on the market, and many draftsman are afraid to use them. Find someone who is up to date with the building industry, and knows about what is going to benefit you the most as a renovator.

For example: a great new material on the market that a good draftsman will be aware of is Engineered European Oak Floorboards.


4. Are their previous clients happy? 

The quality of work produced is reflected by a happy client. If you have any suspicions be sure to check out their testimonials and see if their previous customers were satisfied.




5. Do they know about council and government codes and regulations?

A good draftsman should know if your proposal is compliant and have access to the relevant regulations and information required to obtain your approval. If it isn't approved how can you build it?


6. Do they have connections to builders?

Any draftsman should have connections to multiple builders, and know which ones you should be game enough to trust with your renovation. This should cut the hassle of you having to seek one out yourself.




7. Are there going to be any hidden costs?

Most of the time the initial fee proposed doesn't match up with the total cost. A good draftsman should be able to give you a straight out cost which includes their entire service. Make sure you scrutinise the whats included in the initial cost to ensure they haven't conveniently missed anything out to they can add it onto the final bill later.


8. How long is the turn around time going to be?

We frequently hear about long daunting processes that home owners go through in getting their plans and approval. Be sure to get a time frame from your allocated consultant. Although there are various consultants required in the planning and approval phase, your draftsman should have a rough time frame sorted.



9. What is the overall cost going to be?

Be wary of low costs. This kind of company might be offering minimal service which is insufficient for your requirements. A development application, construction certificate or complying development certificate requires a complete documentation package that meets the criteria.


10. When does your service finish?

Are you looking for a one stop shop, or simply just draft plans. A draftsman should be able to take your project from concept to construction. Save the time and allow them to do the application, the complicated questions are best left for a professional.

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