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Family friendly kitchens

When we go down memory lane, we never forget our kitchens where mum used to bake the best muffins.

But why was it always mum in the kitchen?

Well aside from the obvious, mum was a better cook.  But those old kitchens were tightly spaced and it was dangerous for the kids to play there and the family to congregate around the hot oven and stove.

So.... Here's a few tips to turn that mum only place to a family bond place.

Create space for bonding and fun.
family cookingFor a more homey feel and family interaction you'd want an all-purpose room rather than a traditional kitchen, more like a family room or a multifunctional space where you can talk, catch up with your kids or simply hang out.  A built in TV or a good sound system can make the room more entertaining if you are on your own - make sure you hide all your unsightly cables and present them neatly with wall plates.  A large island bench with stools allows your family and friends to socialise with you while you cook.

Keep your kitchen organised
Pull-out pantries and under bench pull out storage are give convenient access to all products, cooking utensils, oils, sauces, spices and other items without cluttering your counter or having to reach for something at the back of the cupboard.  A wall storage unit can keep all your high use items right at hand near your cooking station.  A minimalist kitchen is only achievable if you have somewhere to store everything!  And make access easy so your kids don't knock over the sauce bottles just to grab cookies at the back!

Try Slip covers
Are your kitchen chairs and stools covered in goo and spills, or have faded over the years?  Try slip covers. They're more kid-friendly. Simply wash and change. Have a set spare for when the other one is dirty.

Add a blackboard
chalkboard_with_kidA blackboard in a kitchen makes it easy to write down reminders, grocery lists, or even an inspirational quote for everyone to see. it can even pre-occupy your 5-year old while waiting their dinner.

Appreciate imperfections
A chip on that wooden stool due to your kids fighting over who gets the bigger pie or that deep etched drawing of your son's less than flattering impression of his sister on the side of the cupboard.  And that pink nail polish stain your daughter left on the kitchen counter are the timeless touches that makes you smile and remember how fun it was when they were kids. They're a part of your own unique family. They're your family's history in stains and rings. Treasure them.

Add a little colour
Have you had black and white or peaches and cream since the beginning of time? Explore more colour options. Bold touches and hues create the ambience of your kitchen. Try Blue or Bright Green or even Orange. Use colours that shout.   Check out our recent blog on how to paint your kitchen cupboards.  Add pieces to accent like pendant lights. This also invites family get-together and rounding up while cooking dinner.

Two little girl cookTry kids' - height furniture

Get your kids involved It doesn't always have to be mums' cooking. Have a kid height counter they can use to whip cookie dough or mix cupcake batters at.

So go ahead enjoy your family after all cooking and the kitchen was never just a mum only place. With a few renovation touches this place will never be dull again.