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Everything but the kitchen sink

So you picked everything for your kitchen but the KItchen Sink!  You would think that selecting and buying a kitchen sink is a relatively easy job, but then it has a lot more to it than what meets the eye.  And remember, you will spend a lot of time at the sink (doh!) - its the pivotal point of your kitchen work area - so make sure you get one that will work for you.

Sinks are now made of a variety of materials, have a huge range of shapes and sizes and mounting options.  And the range of prices is staggering!

So how exactly do you pick a kitchen sink? Read on to know more…

1.  Check the basic model

There are various types of kitchen sinks depending on the way they are mounted.  You can opt for an

  • insert model - simply inserts into hole on the bench.  Usually cost effective and durable

  • under-mounted - installed from under the bench

  • flush-mounted - inserts perfectly into a precise hole to create a seamless line with the bench

  • top mounted - a basin that actually sits entirely on the top of the bench - popular with porcelain

If you are planning for your own kitchen and it’s still in the construction phase, then you can opt for an integrated sink that is in-built into your bench.  Consider where the sink it in relation to the dish washer, as there is often a lot of transferring of wet or soiled dishes - so optimally you want to place your sink drainer above the dishwasher.

2.  Check the quality

There are many choices when it comes to materials.  And you get to pick from the popular stainless steel,  to the porcelain enamel, stone blend, metal or any other fancy types. The stainless steel one is a good choice, but just know that if you pick one with a mirror finish, it will look great in the store, but it’s hard to maintain. Also keep in mind that the porcelain sink will last as long as you do not chip it with hard objects.  Some of the stone based sinks are so durable you can rub them vigorously with a fork and all it will do it reduce your fork to a stick!  Sounds great, but do not drop your glass in the sink - unlike stainless steel that has some give, the glass will shatter on stone.

3.  Size matters

The size and style of the sink vary. And do you want 1 or 2 basins?  Do you want 1 or 2 drip trays?  How deep do you want the basins?  However, before bringing one home, take care that you get the measurements right. Since it’s the expert who will most often install them, you need not worry about every mm as long as it’s not excessively large for your kitchen station.  And for those left-handed geniuses out there, you might want to consider a sink layout especially to suit you!

4.   The kitchen tap is important

It is important to know whether your tap will be bench mounted or sink mounted.  If its bench mounted make sure there is sufficient room for the installation and if its a swivel tap the water flows into the middle of the sink. If its sink mounted make sure the tap fits into the holes.

5.   Color and style that match your kitchen

If your kitchen and taps have a certain theme or unique style, then the sink has to match. If you have a Retro theme then use bright and bubbly colors, the minimalist look needs neutral shades and straight lines, while a classic look might need to have a finishing that resembles metal with wooden lining.  It is all about blending in seamlessly.

6.  Practical features

Remember to look for features you might like such as as

  • Overflow holes (so you can never overflow your sink),

  • Popup plug systems so you can empty the water without putting your hand in,

  • Extra holes for separate hot water, drinking water, or soap outlets, and

  • Compatibility with in-sinkerators. sells a range of kitchen sinks that are hand made from quality sanitary grade stainless steel perfect for the kitchen, laundry or outdoor bbq.


No matter where you buy your kitchen sink, check for quality and ensure that it does not bend when you press on it.  Also ask an expert to install it for you as it is important to get it right. Follow these simple rules and you will not be disappointed.