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How to save yourself hours of time in the kitchen

Imagine opening your overcrowded cutlery draw and instead of fumbling around for 30 seconds, sifting through unused tools and crumbs in order to locate your wanted utensil, you were able to reach in and find your chosen weapon instantly. With the massive amounts of unnecessary kitchen accessories and apparatus available today, our kitchens can no longer keep up with sufficient storage capacity – unless you are smart about it. A little time spent planning and investing in some smart storage opportunities will save you tons of time and patience in the long run. 5-tray-stainless-steel-insert-kitchen

The Elite Kitchen Stainless Steel Draw Organizer comes in 3 different sizes in order to match your needs. Designed for practicality, long life and convenience, the adjustable stainless steel frames contain deep, modular tray inserts that can be easily moved around according to individual preference. The outer frame is easily fixed to pre-existing draws via screws allowing for stability and once attached, the modular trays can be taken in and out to re-arrange and for easy cleaning access.

stainless_steel_elite Stainless_steel_renovator_store

Due to the choices in size and dimensions, a combination of trays can be fit into your cutlery draw to maximize space and reduce the wasted space that often lays either side.

Adjustable 8 tray unit measures 376mm in width.

Adjustable 5 tray unit measures 280mm in width.

Adjustable 2 tray unit measures 103mm in width.

In a standard 600mm width draw, fix an adjustable 8 tray and a 2 tray to the side and fill the remaining space with serviettes and tea towels. In a standard 450mm width draw, pair a 5 tray unit with a 2 tray unit and store a roll of glad-wrap in the gap.


Promoting durability due to stainless steel strength, hygiene due to easy accessibility of cleaning, efficiency due to smart design and satisfaction due to a 5 year warranty and confidence in the quality of the product, there is no reason not to get organized - de-clutter your kitchen today!