The difference between LED lights and LED globes

With the advancement of LED lighting and the benefits that LED provides over halogen globes, it is almost impossible to not make the switch. However LED lighting can be very confusing. What is the difference between an LED light and an LED Globe?  Why is one cheaper?  Will they both perform the same job?  It is crucial to do your research and find out the pros and cons of each LED lighting option.




Within LED lighting, there are LED lights and LED globes.

Globes are temporary luminaries designed to be fitted into light fixtures and changed.

Lights have the luminary integrated and should be a permanent fixture.

As LED technology can last essentially forever, the concept of a changeable globe is becoming irrelevant.  As LED globes can often have sub-standard performance, why would you choose an LED globe over an LED light


LED Globes

LED globes are an economical option for a short-term fix. LED globes have been made to fit pre-existing halogen sockets and can be changed over by simply changing globes.  They are the simplest DIY solution.  LED stands for Light Emitting Diode (LEDs or LED Chips) - and the bigger the LED Chip the more brightness it provides.  So the larger the chip (in watts) the more brightness - BUT it also produces more heat, and it is very important to dissipate that heat to preserve the LED Chip (and preserve your investment!)

Importance of LED Heat Sinks - An LED chip needs a heat sink to dissipate heat to perform at its best. If you want a LED light source no bigger than a halogen globe (e.g. a small LED Globe) then a 4 to 5 watt LED globe is about as bright as it gets. If you put more watts in but keep the heat sink to the size of a halogen globe then it will get too hot, and the heat degrades the LED chip, which means your globe will fail after a short time.

LED Globes have small heat sinks so the chip is compromised


The reasons for people replacing halogen globes with LED globes is that is it often 30% cheaper and they can retain existing light fittings and fascias.  And in most cases you can simply plug the LED globe into the old halogen transformer by just changing the globe. What people don’t realise is that a light fascia is almost worthless now and the concept of a "changeable globe" is irrelevant when LED is essentially designed to last forever.

LED Lights

LED lights are by far the better choice. Although more expensive initially, the benefits of LED lights are incomparable. LED lights are used to replace the entire light fitting. They come with their own driver and power plug that are matched to the LED chip itself for the exact voltage and amps. The heat sink of an LED light is large enough to dissipate heat and allow the light to run at a low temperature to protect the chip. Due to the low heat and quality components, LED lights are expected to last for over 20 years.

LED Lights have the largest heat sink to preserve the life of the chip


All the LED lights at Renovator Store have heat sinks that are carefully matched to the watts and brightness of the light so that the light does not overheat and it effectively lasts forever (50,000+ hours of use.)

So what are you waiting for? Switch to LED and do it properly. LED lights are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. They will make your home safer by reducing the risk of electrical fires. They will decrease your electricity bill by up to 80% and they will provide you with a lifetime of superior light. Switching from Halogen downlights to LED down lights is easy, just follow the instructions on the blog below; Switching from Halogen Downlights to LED Downlights

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