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Creating your own café-style Breakfast Bar  

The rush of the morning is a chaotic time for everyone but there’s no reason why 5 minutes cant be spent sitting down in a comfortable area where one can enjoy breakfast and a coffee. With the café scene taking off across Melbourne, why not create your own café set-up with a little DIY design.


Invest in some quirky yet comfy stools. They need to be cool, hip, and bang on trend to create the café vibe. Take time to choose the right bar stool. Experiment with different heights to find the perfect one to fit you. If you plan on spending hours by the bench, paying bills or gossiping over lattes, make sure you choose a style with sufficient support to meet your body needs. Will they tuck in under your bench or will they be sitting out in the open. Are they sturdy enough to handle kids climbing up or are they too heavy to lift when sweeping. Are they stainless steel, wooden, plastic or cane. Do they tie in with your surrounding décor or do they stick out like a saw thumb. Either of these options may work perfectly for you, depending on your chosen style.

Breakfast-bar-stools-wooden-plastic-pastals-renovation-kitchen aqua-blue-metal-breakfast-bar-coffee-stools


Once your stools are chosen, decide on your lighting. Do you have elegant pendants hanging overhead or will you opt for an industrial style floor lamp to brighten up your beverage. Is there a window nearby to provide natural sunshine for browsing the newspaper or do the down lights provide enough light? A fun way of creating a sub-atmosphere within your room is to mark out the smaller space with a different source of lighting. A series of 3 pendant lights in a row create that ultra breakfast bar vibe. When you get sick of the current fixtures, upgrade to different ones with a simple DIY purchase.

breakfast-bar-lighting-industrial-series-3-overhead pendant-lighting-breakfast-bar-kitchen breakfast-bar-lamp-lighting-light-industrial-modern-coffee



Is your breakfast bar going to look out through a window, above a ledge or is it on the other side of the bench? Is it in the corner of your room or does it double as your kitchen office nook? One must make the decision about whether your breakfast bar is the primary eating spot or whether it is a luxurious alcove off to the side. Remember, your breakfast bar doesn’t have to be permanent. One of the coolest breakfast bars that we have seen was an old wooden butchers block that was acting as an island bench. The block doubled as a chopping board, wine counter, coffee break and storage hold below! To create your room-within-a-room sub-atmospheric area, think about using different textures, colours and design for that specific area. Take this flooring idea for example… you could almost feel as if you’re stepping into a different room as you leave the wooden floorboards and rise from the tiles to the stool above.



Champagne and Fois Gras or Rice Bubbles and Milo? Design your breakfast bar so that it is interchangeable from morning to night. Function is priority but once that has been sorted, don’t be afraid to lash out with on-trend accessories and classy kitchenware. An adjacent cocktail trolley with ice bucket and shaker is a quick way to take your breakfast bar from simple to swish!



Keep the area interesting with a mix of textiles and materials. Stone, wood and metal all combine meticulously together to create many modern styles. And don’t forget the greenery! Enviro friendly is IN so look into using reclaimed resources as well as adding a touch of foliage yourself!

breakfast-bar-style-materials-wood-metal breakfast-wood-bar-kitchen-renovation-stools green-pastal-breakfast-bar-stools-material


If you’re really struggling for space, a slight extension of the bench top or hollowing out of the under-counter cupboards is all you need to do! As long as there’s room for 2 stools and some clear bench for a cup and saucer, your breakfast bar is complete!

breakfast-bar-extend-bench-kitchen breakfast-bar-side-wall-ledge-relax


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