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How To Create Different Looks For Your Bathroom

Feel like changing things up in your bathroom? Perhaps you’re looking for a way to bring in trendy features like natural stone or matte black tapware. Maybe you want to make the most of your tiling or feature wall. Maybe you just spend a lot of time working out things like how to remove wax from clothes and you need more sink space. Whatever the reason, this helpful guide is here to give you a few design ideas.

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Choosing a Basin

Of all the features in your bathroom, the basin is the most frequently used. This makes it the obvious starting point for a change of style, not least because it’s the easiest thing to change. Here are a few styles you might like:

moku grey stone round bathroom basin

  • Natural stone basins: These are a perfect way to soften the look of a sleek, tiled bathroom. With a variety of shapes and colours, it’s easy to add something that complements or contrasts with your tile. You can bring in a granite basin as a focal point against a light-coloured wall, or a sandstone or marble basin to add interest against a darker splashback or counter.

  • Free-standing basins: These basins are practical as well as beautiful. More spacious than many built-in washbasins, a free-standing natural stone washbasin is perfect if you need to soak something bulky – for example, if you’re hand washing a wool blanket, or trying to work out how to remove wax from clothes. Since no stone has exactly the same pattern, you can also be sure that you’re getting something absolutely unique.

  • Contrast basins: Perhaps natural stone already features prominently in your bathroom – for example, in an exposed wall – and you want that same unconventional feel without overdoing the rough-hewn aesthetic. There are other alternatives to a standard ceramic basin: you can either embrace the natural look wholeheartedly and add a beautiful wooden basin, or you can bring in some contrast with a black vanity unit and white or glass basin.

single lever bathroom mixer

Choosing Tapware for Your Sink

Your choice of tapware isn’t just about the overall look you’re going for; there’s also space to consider. Are you looking to maximise counter space, or do you want to free up space on the wall? Here are a couple possible choices:

  • Counter-mounted taps. If you have more counter space than wall space, look into getting a tall mixer tap that’s counter-mounted. These come in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes. Choose a polished chrome if you want to add a little brightness to the room, or matte black for a cooler edge; curved, goose-neck taps for a more traditional feel, or square taps to keep things contemporary. Consider the shape of the basin, too – square taps are beautiful paired with round basins, and vice versa.

  • Wall-mounted taps. If you have space to mount your taps to the wall, you might prefer to keep your counter relatively clear. Wall mounting also opens up the option of having a waterfall spout, for an ultra-modern look with a gentler feel. Keep in mind, though, that this may be less practical for heavier usage. If you often find yourself washing delicate clothes by hand, or scrubbing tough stains out of fabrics and wondering about things like how to remove wax from clothing, you might be better off sticking with a more traditional spout for now.

rain and rail hand shower set

Baths and Showers

You might not have the option of changing your other fixtures to match your sink, but that doesn’t mean your bathroom has to look disjointed. These are just a few details you should look out for when creating your perfect bath or shower:

  • The shower head: A rain shower head is designed to feel and sound like rainfall, so it can be a beautiful and peaceful complement to natural stone or wood features in the rest of your bathroom. It’s also very easy to match heads and necks to the finish and shape of your tapware, with square, round, chrome and black options readily available. Complete the effect with a frameless glass enclosure, especially if you need to keep an open feel in a smaller space.

  • The tub: It’s often most practical to pair a freestanding bath tub with freestanding tapware, and this will look especially stylish alongside counter-mounted mixer taps on your sink. Again, wall- and hob-mounting allows you to install waterfall spouts if you’d like, and it’s always wise to match the shape and finish of your bath taps to the ones on your sink. Be guided by the materials you’re pairing your taps with, and remember – in interior design as in all things, black goes with everything!

  • Lastly, the towel rail. Details like this are easily overlooked, so make sure they factor into your plans! Again, it’s easy to match the shape and finish of your towel rail to the shape and finish of your tapware, so pick your theme and make the most of it. A matte black towel rail could be just the unconventional focal point your bare wall needs.

Hopefully, this has given you some inspiration for how you can bring some gorgeous and unusual fixtures into your bathroom for something a little different. Happy decorating!