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Clever ideas for the Laundry

Your laundry is often the place most neglected in your home but serves a very important purpose. Good lighting, good use of space and well organised are some of the features you should aim for in a laundry renovation.

Here are some Clever ideas for the Laundry that you could adapt in your homes.

Hang up your clothes to dry

shirt hanger

Increase the convenience factor of your laundry room with Shirt hangers in a laundry cupboard or under a shelf. You can hang items as they come out of the dryer to minimize wrinkling and ironing.

Create a laundry station


Turn a multi-storage shelf into a compact laundry center.  Simply rearrange the shelves to accommodate laundry baskets, and install a clothes rod in one section for hanging clothes as you iron them.

Make a folding station

folding station

Add a slide-out shelf to use as a clothes folding bench. Remember to splash the entire piece of furniture and shelves with high-gloss paint for a designer finish.

Instant laundry centre

instant laundry station

A wall-hung cabinet with a laundry-cart-on-wheels can create a convenient laundry centre in any room. An ironing holder attached to the side of the cabinet keeps the iron within reach, and a space-saving clothes hanger or a top mounted shirt hanger under the cabinet can hold ironed items.

Good lighting

laundry good lighting

Good lighting brightens a laundry room and helps you spot those frustrating clothing stains. Under-cabinet LED lights can illuminate the countertop so you can match socks or check clothing for spots and stains.

Unusual laundry locations

laundry perfect angle

Create a laundry under the stairs and add built-in shelving for extra storage

Sorting Bins

hanging laundry bags

Hanged laundry bags make it simple to sort laundry on a daily basis. This setup takes up no floor space which is ideal in small apartments or homes.

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