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10 Clever Attic Conversions

Until recently, attics in Australia have usually been a forgotten space only used for storage, when instead they can be cleverly used as an additional room in your home.  An attic is often a space that has many design challenges to overcome, but if you are determined, the project can be a lot of fun. These 10 beautiful attic conversions provide inspiration for designing your own attic and other small awkward spaces. 


Lofty Living Room If the space is big enough, an attic can be turned into an inviting casual living room. Traditionally attics are dark, yet they need not be; by installing some roof windows/skylights you will enable the natural light from outside to come inside. By painting the walls white, or a very light colour, you will make the space appear airier and bigger than it actually is.


Attic Office If your attic is very small, it is an apt space for a private and quiet study, perfectly tucked away from it all.


Games Room An attic is a great space for your games room, or even a man cave. The room is well lit with pendent lights and recessed led lights, which can be turned on or off depending on your needs.


Master Bedroom Here we have a very comfortable and functional master bedroom attic conversion, complete with adequate storage, and well placed skylights.


Guest Bedroom Light and airy, this attic is a beautiful restful space that will both welcome and impress your guest.


Teen Bedroom What a gorgeous attic conversion for a teenage girl, a space that could also easily be utilised as a guest room!!


Kids Bedroom What child would not enjoy having their bedroom in a newly converted attic? Due to the low ceilings and limited space, an attic is not always comfortable for adults, however it is a match made in heaven for any child.


Playroom Converting your attic into a hideaway playroom is a fantastic way to utilise the space. Happy kids means happy parents!


Nursery A small attic is a perfect cosy sanctuary for a baby. Here we have an attic with only one window, which makes it easy to blackout the light to create a dark and quiet nursery for a sleeping baby. The daybed provides a convenient place for parents to rest, with the intention that the space can later be utilised as a small guest room.


Attic ladder If your attic can only be accessed through a man hole, has the largest selection of attic ladders in Australia which can make access to your attic become incredibly easy.  

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