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How to Choose between Aluminium and Steel Fencing for Your Home

Aluminium and steel can both be used for high quality fencing. Although they might look similar, in actuality each material has a distinctive set of characteristics that have differing advantages and disadvantages.  While they are both durable, it is important to choose the right material for your home. Before you make your decision, study the pros and cons of each to ensure that you are happy with your fencing for years to come!



Steel Fencing

Stainless steel is a stronger, more secure and is less likely to be damaged. It's the ideal choice when you need strength and impact resistance. Therefore they are often used by those in the construction and resources industry as it ensures a sturdy safety barricade.

Steel's strength and weight also makes it ideal for fencing that has to stand up against strong winds and threats like falling trees. It is also the ideal material for use as security fencing or for security gates.

The main issue associated with steel is its weight. It can be difficult to transport and install. However if you are looking for fencing that’ll last a lifetime, look no further than fences made of steel.



Aluminium Fencing

Aluminium fencing is an inexpensive alternative to materials like steel or iron, which can help you stay under budget when building or renovating your home. It is also lightweight and naturally resistant to corrosion and rust caused by the elements.

Because it's so lightweight it isn't as strong as steel, and hence the fencing will be hence is easier to bend and less likely to withstand damage.

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Aluminium has the added advantage of being the most environmentally friendly fencing metal because it is easily recyclable. Melting the aluminium to create a new product uses less than 10 percent of the energy that was needed to create the original aluminium product.


So What Should You Choose?

Use steel where strength and impact resistance is important. Aluminium is a better choice for use around a coastal property, as salt water won't result in corrosion.

Aesthetically, both steel and aluminium are both good choices. Steel may be a better choice for a classic wrought-iron look fence, while aluminium may be better for a more modern appearance.

Regardless of what you choose a quality fence made of either material will be a worthy investment and practical addition to your home.


Author bio: This article was written by Madina Azamy from The Temporary Fencing Shop, specialists in all temp fencing products and temporary pool fencing across Australia.

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