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Checklist for Preparing a House Renovation Project

There are times in your life when your surroundings need an update. At this point, do you sell up and buy or renovate your existing home to adapt?

If you choose to renovate there are a few things you really should know, and creating a checklist is the best way to ensue you have all your bases covered.

Not sure where to start? Follow these easy steps and you should be on the right track for a hassle free renovation.

Wellner, Cathryn. "Tools of the trade." 12 Nov 2011. Online image. Flickr.Wellner, Cathryn. "Tools of the trade." 12 Nov 2011. Online image sourced from Flickr.

Create your wish list

Every renovation has to start with an idea of what you would like to do. Making a wish list of what you would like to change about your home gives you a guide and a true starting off point. This stage is probably the most important as you will start to prioritise your requirements and get a greater understanding of what you want out of your renovation.

Set a budget

Your renovation budget is your guide to what you realistically can and can’t do. You may be dreaming of an Italian marble bathroom, but a realistic option is probably more along the lines of some tasteful feature tiling and a jet or two in the bath tub. Setting a reasonable budget will minimise any risk of overspending.

Choose the right contractor

An experienced contractor can be one of your most helpful resources during a home renovation. It’s best to choose a contractor based on how much you’re willing to spend, experience and qualifications. Be sure to research what services they offer and ask if they've done projects similar to yours before. It can also be valuable to visit a past renovation and speak with some of their previous clients. Be sure whichever contractor you choose has the proper certifications and insurance. Ask about any warranties, and be sure your contractor is thorough with the written contract.

Apply for building permits

Before you can begin any construction, check your home owner’s policy about renovations. Building permits may be necessary and they can take time to be approved. You should always inform your insurance company about any proposed renovations, as your coverage could be affected. Most policies include repairs and small upgrades, but it’s best to have a clear outline of your project so you can determine which permits are needed without delaying the renovation process.

Create a timeline

Often renovation projects get stalled due to improper planning. Once you’ve created a step-by-step strategy for your home, you can map out how much time you’ll need. By making a realistic timeline, you can keep the project moving forward and ensure your dream home is right on track.

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