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Changing Halogen Downlights to LED Downlights

So you have decided that you cannot waste anymore time to convert to LED.  The high electricity bills are getting to you, and you now know that LED lighting performs great and is safe for the home.

The benefits of LED are clear, but what is involved in installation and what is it going to cost to install?

LED Downlights are superior to LED globes


You looked at simply replacing the halogen globes with LED GLOBES, but they do not have the performance and reliability of a new LED LIGHT fitting. Your electrician highlighted that it is not a great idea plugging a 4W globe into a halogen transformer designed to deliver 35W to 50W - eventually there is a chance of performance issues.




To achieve the full life rating of an LED light it should be connected to a transformer specifically designed to power it. Renovator Store recommends LED Downlights as a perfect replacement for your old power sapping halogens. They are sold as a kit that includes a transformer specifically designed for Australian electricity supply, local switches and dimmers.



The first 24 months of savings pay for your LED Downlight

A 50W globe running for 40 hours a week will cost you over $20 per year in electricity, and then there is the cost of replacing the globe every year or so.  However, a 9W Epistar LED Downlight replacement will cost less than $4.  That is a saving of at least $16 per year per light.  The LED downlight will cost you  $32.95 in a bulk pack so it basically pays for itself in 2 years. But don't forget that it keeps on saving - as it has a rated life of more than 25 years at that usage rate.  That is why more and more people are switching to LED.

Installing LED Downlights

Renovator Store has put together this helpful video on how they recommend you change your halogen lights over and what an electrician should cost.

Beware of the Scams

There are many marketing groups pushing LEDs under "government rebate schemes".  You pay the full price for the light and installation then seek a rebate from the government under an energy saving scheme.  Unfortunately, the requirements for rebates are different state-by-state and currently  focus on business, not homes.  Do not join the list of dissatisfied  people that paid full retail for LED under one of these programs only to then realise there is no rebate available to them.

6 thoughts on “Changing Halogen Downlights to LED Downlights”
  • Simon

    This is fantastic we recently bought a house which has halogen down lights and we aren't happy with them as they don't really illuminate the room just a spot.
    I have two questions first will LED lights provide better light through the room and will they work as my light switches have a dimmer?

    • Scott Pendlebury

      Gday Simon. Switching from halogen to LED will have three main benefits:
      (1) massive power savings,
      (2) significant reduction in fire risk,
      (3) no need to change globes again!
      You can achieve the illumination you need by picking the size of lights required. Check out our 18W Sharp LED chip lights and 15W Epistar LED chip lights. They are about the maximum lumens you would want for a house - and they have wide beam angles so you do not get that "torch beam" or spot effect. Most of our LED down lights are dimmable, but if your dimmers are older than 3 or 4 years you are likely to need to change them as they not produce much of a dimming range or might even cause LED lights to flicker. Go for a purpose made LED dimmer - we recommend Lumex LED dimmers as the best (about $45 each). Hope that helps!

  • Ewan

    I just have a question with regards to the installation of surface sockets. Is it possible for us to install the surface sockets ourselves? I realised that you did not provide the video on how do we actually install the surface sockets eg wiring etc. Is there any installation video that you could provide?

    • Scott Pendlebury

      Hi Ewan - the video purposefully does not show connection of the surface socket as that must be done by a licensed electrician, and we do not want to imply or instruct it is a DIY task. Most electricians will agree that when replacing your old halogen transformers it is easier and faster to wire the 240GV supply cable into the large connections of the surface sockets than try to wire into the smaller connections of an LED transformer. Therefore installation of sockets should be cheaper and then it is a DIY job just to plug in the lights. Check out our expanding range of LED downlights!

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  • Louisa

    Thank you for the wonderful info. I was on the lookout for this forever!

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