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3 Ways you can Soundproof a Window

Posted on June 21, 2017 by thermawood

Noise pollution is rampant in today’s world. Whether they are from the regular traffic, neighborhood noise, trains, aircraft, machinery, or other outside noise, they may be highly unwanted indoors, and as such, becomes a nuisance towards everyday lives.

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Categories : How To, Home Improvement and DIY, Your Home, Security and Safety, Renovator Mate

Tags : investment protection, home renovation

Bathroom Renovation Trends 2017

Posted on June 1, 2017 by Jayden Hall

Everyone has dreamt about renovating their bathroom at one point or another, but before you start a full blown bathroom renovation you'll need some inspiration. Today we discuss the bathroom renovation trends dominating 2017. Continue reading

Categories : Home Improvement and DIY, Bathroom, Home Design, Renovator Mate

Tags : 2017, trends, bathroom

Caro's Painting Tips For A Perfect Finish

Posted on May 4, 2017 by Caro And Kingi

Caro and Kingi stole Australian hearts from The Block in season 5. Today, they're ambassadors for Renovator Store, and Caro's dropped by our blog to give our readers tips for painting like a pro!

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Categories : DIY, How To, Home Improvement and DIY

Tags : landscape, modern solutions, apartment, home renovation, painting

How To Keep Your Renovations Eco-Friendly

Posted on March 21, 2017 by Diana Smith

Every once in a while, our homes need some change. This change can include only a few new decorating pieces, but sometimes it can be about some bigger projects. No matter how big a change needs to be, you can make it eco-friendly. This is the biggest trend in today’s home interior and exterior designs and here are a few things that can help you create an even better atmosphere in your home.

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Categories : How To, Home Improvement and DIY

Tags : eco-friendly, eco-friendly home

DIY smart outdoor solutions - 5 top tips!

Posted on January 17, 2017 by Michael Fulkerson

When it comes to creating a perfect home, most people focus on getting the interiors just right while unfortunately neglecting whatever outside space they may have at their disposal. Which is a shame, since even the smallest gardens can immeasurable improve quality of life if put to use in a smart and efficient manner. With that in mind, here are five relatively accessible DIY solutions that you can implement to boost your outdoor space today:

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Categories : DIY, Home Improvement and DIY

Tags : DIY, solutions, garage, yard, outdoor, storage

Outdoor kitchen - Why you need to consider one for your home!

Posted on December 2, 2016 by Lauren Raffa

Always loved the idea of an outdoor kitchen area? Wanting to add value to your house? Looking for a fun new renovation project the whole family will enjoy? Love entertaining? Everyone enjoys eating outside as a family, but why stop there? Let us tempt you with the top reasons as to why you should consider building an outdoor kitchen to lift the overall value of your home!

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Categories : Home Improvement and DIY, Your Home, Home Design, Renovate to Profit, Renovator Mate

Tags : shaynna blaze, stainless steel, living, outdoor kitchen, home, outdoor, renovator store, modern, Renovation

Why are my LED lights flickering?

Posted on August 26, 2016 by Scott Pendlebury

LED lights and their transformers are sensitive to a number of electrical and environmental factors. This article can assist you determine what might be causing your LED lights to flicker

Categories : LED Lighting, Home Improvement and DIY, Renovator Mate

Tags : DIY, how to, home improvem, LED down lights, led lighting

How to Create Shade in Your Backyard

Posted on August 17, 2016 by Guest Author

Everyone loves to spend time in their backyards, but often enough you'll find the hot Australian sun will make you want to lock yourself indoors with the air-conditioner cranked to the maximum. As we're finally nudging towards the warmer months of our year it's the perfect time to start thinking of creative ways to create shade in your backyard. A fun, convenient and affordable solution to try is a shade cloth! Keep reading to find out more...

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Categories : Outdoor, Kids, Home Improvement and DIY, Garden

Tags : shade, shadecloth, backyard, outdoor

Latest Bathroom Designer Tapware

Posted on June 21, 2016 by Denisse Tabligan

The bathroom gets the most attention when it comes to designing and improving your home. Everybody aspires to have a luxury bathroom with designer features. Bathroom designer tapware is essential to complete a luxury bathroom. Aguzzo Bathware has recently released a new range of designer bathroom tapware - the Cortina range. Its early popularity with architects and interior designers post being featured at the 2016 Design BUILD show in Melbourne highlights the appeal of its design.

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Categories : Renovation and Home Design, Home Improvement and DIY, Bathroom, Your Home, Renovator Mate

Tags : modern solutions, organising in style, investment protection, things to keep in mind, mixer faucet, home renovation

7 Golden Rules of a Clutter Free Life

Posted on June 10, 2016 by Lana Hawkins

Disorganisation of the home can lead to increased levels of stress, and overall deterioration of mental health. In order to preserve the wellbeing of yourself and your family you need to make an effort to maintain a clean home. If you follow these 7 golden rules of a clutter free life you'll find it's much easier that you'd imagine.

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Categories : Home Improvement and DIY

Tags : cleaning, declutter, home organisation

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