Boisterous Bedrooms for Boys

theme bedrooms for boys
To your son, his bedroom is undoubtedly the most important room in the house. It's where he keeps his precious belongings, plays his games, does his schoolwork and most of all -- where he sleeps. Therefore it is very important to spend time creating a room that is not only comfortable and familiar, but also entertaining. Here are some creative and refreshing ideas to help you make boisterous bedrooms for boys!

Superb Superhero

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Batman. Superman. Spiderman. Does your son have a particular favourite? This theme is not too hard to achieve, yet your son will adore you for it! Superhero themed doona covers and quilts are easily obtainable at low prices from Target or Kmart. If you wanted a more subtle approach to this theme simply try painting the walls a primary or pale blue rather than investing in wall paper or stickers. Installing small shelves will allow him to display his prized possessions or a cute picture frame. Finally a chair can work as a cheaper and more mobile alternative to a bedside table.

Phenomenal Pirate

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If your son is a pirate fanatic check out these creative ideas: This pirate ship bed is an awesome and obvious way to bring the pirate theme into the bedroom. A wooden trunk can double as a hidden treasure chest and a simple storage container for toys and books. A cute rug can quickly add a playful dimension to the room whilst simultaneously hiding boring carpeting. Finally stuffed animals in a nautical theme can help your son engage in hours of imaginative fun.

Remarkable Race car

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Is your son obsessed with cars, trucks and essentially all motorised vehicles? You may wish to invest in race car bed. Because the bed will be the main focus in the room, decorate the rest of the room with more subtle and muted hues. For example, paint the walls pale blue and select chairs and curtains in creams or whites. Painting the roof with clouds makes the room unique and adds a sense of peace. It also serves to make the roof seem higher, and overall leaves the room feeling more spacious.

Dazzling Dinosaurs

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The above bedroom is enough to prove a single wallpaper is sometimes all it takes to convey a theme. The decision to pair the intense and colourful wallpaper with more simple navy plaid cushions and curtains is somewhat unusual, but they actually work to perfectly to balance each other out.

Tremendous Trains 

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Even better than wallpaper is a hand painted creation. Ask your son what he'd really like to see on his wall and then source a painter or choose to do it yourself. The finished product will be very unique and exactly what he desires, which will make him cherish it so much more. Use bright primary colours for a striking finish.

Terrific Tree house 

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If your son loves to spend his days outside, bring the nature into his bedroom. Introduce greenery with a tree painting or wallpaper, and small potted plants. Then introduce wood -- a fairly simple task. Purchase a wooden bedhead and leave unpainted. A small wooden desk and chair furthermore keeps with the theme and provides a place for schoolwork to be done. An alternative way to incorporate wood into your room is to install oak floorboards. They not only look absolutely stunning, but also are much, much easier to clean in comparison to carpeting.

Those were six classic, yet fun themes to consider for your sons room. Now go out and use this inspiration to make boisterous bedrooms for your boys!