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How to Blend Natural and Modern in Your Home

Can you mix natural and modern in your house? How can sleek appliances match natural elements? What can you do to harmonise nature with geometric shapes?

modern interior rendering of living room with green sofa coffee table plant shelf

Natural and modern styles can actually look swell together. You can integrate these two design types and enhance your home in the process. In fact, you can use contrasting styles (or what seems that way) in a single room and achieve an impressive look. It’s just a matter of how you do it.

So how do you bring nature into a modern home? Here are some ideas to spark your imagination.

fabrics with earth hues and patterns

Use Fabrics with Earth Hues and Natural Patterns

Black, white, and other neutral colour schemes are common in a minimalist house, but it’s highly advised to add a few highlights here and there. Some experts would suggest bright and bold accents, so how about orange floral throw pillows on a plain black sofa? Or a carpet with leafy patterns?

You may also consider these:

  • Upholstery with earth tones like raw sienna, deep Indian red, or forest green

  • Natural fabrics like a jute rug in a room with plain white walls

  • Curtains with animal-inspired patterns (think giraffe spots or zebra stripes)

  • Bed covers designed with seashells or aquatic animals

You can surely come up with a few more ideas! Just remember to use these on accents, as they are meant to beautify and not to distract or dominate.

hammock with plants in background

Choose Pieces That Bring Peace

Studies show that spending more time with nature lowers your pulse rate, blood pressure, and concentrations of cortisol (a hormone released during stressful situations). Think of each room in your house and ask, “What can I add here that will give me a more calming and relaxing feeling?” It can be as simple as family photos on your living room wall, or it can be a cosy bed that brings you restful thoughts even before you lay your body down.

elegant egg shaped limestone bath tub freestanding_preview

In a contemporary style bathroom, you could consider a handcrafted, egg-shaped bath. The one shown here evokes comfort and luxury as you imagine yourself taking a soothing bath. It is made from limestone and painstakingly hand-sanded down to get a smooth textured matte white surface. Freestanding stone baths from Aguzzo even come with basins to match, in egg, oval, rectangular, or square shapes. These minimalist artstone baths and basins are perfect for your own peaceful bathing sanctuary.

Aguzzo Brennero rounded rectangle limestone white bathroom basin on black benchtop

You can also add natural home furniture to your house like a grass-coloured sofa in the living room, wicker dining room chairs, and nature-inspired Zen-style furniture.

mosaic of a vine leaf with white and black pebbles

Display Stone Decor or Landscape Art

Rocks and stones provide a solid connection with nature. It’s convenient that these are now readily available and there is a range of ideas to add these to your decor. Here are some:

  • Rocks or pebble as knobs on cabinet doors

  • Natural stones on your bathroom floor

  • DIY painted rocks picked up from the river or beach

  • Different kinds of unique stones on a display shelf

painting of sunset on the Dnieper

Shells, sand, driftwood, and other finds from nature can also be part of your home decor. Of course, you could also hang landscapes, pretty sunsets, and other wall artwork depicting nature if that’s your preference.

You can also expand on this idea and use rock doormats, stone mosaics, or even white brick walls.

Jazz D200 black granite kitchen sink one-and-one-half bowl with reversible drainer

Use Modern Fixtures Made from Natural Materials

Another simple way to get nature into your home is by installing fixtures that are actually designed for a modern home but made from natural materials. There’s handmade contemporary lighting, bamboo bathroom basins, or a hexagonal mirror with a wooden frame.

A granite kitchen sink with a contemporary design is another such fixture. The sink above is made from natural quartz granite and a very hard acrylic resin, making it eco-friendly and a natural bacteria repellant. Many such granite sinks in the market are specifically designed for modern kitchens, like those made by Cino. They design premium Italian-made sinks that use environmentally safe, composite materials. These are available in black and in white, any of which will match a minimalist or modern kitchen.

If you want to include just a subtle hint of nature amid contemporary, you can also do it with your tapware:

  • A matte black waterfall bath spout,

  • A rustic tap with stone or wood parts,

  • A square rain shower head, or

  • An animal-shaped tap.

Terrus Waterfall Spout Black

Feature House Plants

Plants are for all home design styles, and they blend especially with modern interiors. You can either work with a single large plant or several smaller plants.

For a feature plant, you can choose from the following:

  • Bird of paradise (strelitzia reginae)

  • Fiddle leaf fig (ficus lyrata)

  • Madagascar dragon tree (dracaena marginate)

  • Weeping fig (ficus benjamina)

  • Norfolk island pine (araucaria heterophylla)

house green plant succulent Senecio serpens or Blue Chalksticks in bathroom close up

For smaller plants, try these:

  • Air plants (tillandsia)

  • String of pearls (senecio rowleyanus)

  • Chain of hearts (ceropegia woodii)

  • Rubber plant (ficus elastica)

  • Maidenhair fern (adiantum)

table top indoor decorative miniature garden in clear glass bubble with cactuses and succulents. Decorative glass vase with succulent and cactus plants glass interior terrarium with succulents and cacti

The great thing about plants is that you can have them in many different ways — potted, hanging, or in a vase. Other wonderful ideas for houseplants are:

  • Terrariums, which are very low maintenance and a favourite of creative people,

  • Indoor vertical gardens (living wall) or framed succulents,

  • Hanging eucalyptus on a shower head, which is good for aromatherapy, and

  • High-quality artificial plants that look like the real thing, if you don’t have a green thumb or have no time to take care of real ones.

oak floorboards interior living space

A Billion Ideas for Blending Natural with Modern

If you just look around, there are really a billion things you can do to introduce natural elements into your contemporary home. We’ll add here installing wood backdrops or floorboards, using environment-friendly and sustainable products, or simply by letting natural light into the room.

Anything you want to pitch in? Leave a comment below if you have other ideas, something that you’ve already done in your house, or if you need some advice.